Fortnite Find the Flames puzzle solution
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Fortnite: Find the Flames Puzzle Solution

Here's how to solve the flames puzzle and access the Legendary Loot room in Fortnite.

Fortnite WILDS has a new Jungle biome to explore and some puzzling quests. Chapter 4 Season 3, brings you to the Creeky Compound ruins for the Chalice quest, and some legendary loot with the Find the Flames Puzzle. Here’s how to solve the Find the Flames Puzzle in Fortnite.

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How to Solve the Find the Flames Puzzle

Here’s the gist of how to solve Find the Flames:

  • Give Rare Loot to open door.
  • Head to the lower level.
  • Gather Legendary weapon from Legendary Chest.
  • Head to back room to see Flames pattern.
  • Return to the upper level.
  • Give Legendary Loot to open door.
  • Match upper-level Flames to lower-level pattern.
  • Final Legendary Loot room opens.

Find the Flames Puzzle Location

Fortnite: How to Solve the Find the Flames Puzzle map location
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To access the Find the Flames puzzle, head to the Creeky Compound and enter the ruins after the wooden bridge. You’ll need to make some offerings to enter, so be sure to loot the area for a Rare (blue) weapon. I manage to find one every time I visit, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

Fortnite: How to Solve the Find the Flames Puzzle statues solution
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Once you enter the first door, you’ll want to drop down and loot the Legendary Chest. The chest will give you a Legendary (gold) weapon to offer to the second door, so be sure to grab one. Next, you’ll want to head to the back room and make note of the statue’s flame pattern on the lower level. This is the key to solving the puzzle.

Now that you have the puzzle pattern, head to the room with the Legendary Chest again and break the rubble on the right side of the room. You’ll be able to access a stairwell to exit and re-enter the second level. Now, head to the second door and make the Legendary Loot offering.

Fortnite: How to Solve the Find the Flames Puzzle extinguish brazier puzzle solution.
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You’ll now be in a room with the Flames puzzle, match the flames in this room to the lower level statues by extinguishing or igniting the necessary statues. Simply approach and interact with them to do so.

Once you have the correct pattern, the final door will open and you’ll have access to tons of chests and another Legendary Loot chest.

Well, that’s it for how to solve the Find the Flames Puzzle in Fortnite. For more WILDS content check out our other Fortnite guides here.

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