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Fortnite: How to Find and Beat Krampus

Wondering how to find and beat Krampus in Fortnite? Here's our quest and boss guide.

Fortnite’s Winterfest 2023 update introduced plenty of Christmas-themed goodies to unlock and claim for free, as well as new quests relating to Krampus, a new field boss. Here’s how to find and beat Krampus in Fortnite.

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Where is Krampus in Fortnite Winterfest 2023?

There are a few quests tied to Krampus and his lair, which you can complete in one run unless other players intervene trying to do the same. First off, Krampus is located in the southernmost part of the snowy biome below the Hazy Hillside. There’s a house here, and he’ll be found wandering inside it.

How to Use a Sneaky Snowmando Prop to Sneak Up on Krampus

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The quest requires you to jump into a Sneaky Snowmando prop and approach him disguised. You can easily grab one east of the Hazy Hillside in the Stormy Station from Leelah. It will cost you 100 Gold.

  • From there, go down to Krampus’ house.
  • Deploy the Sneaky Snowmando slightly away from the house without him seeing you.
  • Hide inside it.
  • Approach the house

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Where to Find the Stolen Present Stash

This will complete the second part of the quest. Now, we’ll have to find his stolen present stash. I found it outside on the western side of the house. You’ll find presents piled up between benches and a snow-covered hedge. Deploy a beacon for the Ship It! Express team. This will complete the third part of the quest and the final one is actually defeating Krampus.

How to Beat Krampus in Fortnite

Once you’re in his Krampus’ house, finding him is quite easy. He’ll be wandering either outside of it on the balcony or inside the house. I recommend stocking up on HP and Shields and bringing either a Shotgun or a decent mid-to-long-range weapon. As soon as he sees you, he’ll aggro and charge with his pickaxe. Melee pickaxe attacks are his entire move set, and he’s about as fast as you are — though he has a lot of HP.

A strategy I found useful is to bait him to the top of the house where you can destroy the roof. Then, stand on one of the wooden railings and shoot him. He won’t be able to reach you up there since he’s a melee boss. You can just pick him off with Sniper headshots or any mid-range weapon.

That said, you can also simply kite him around the house with a Shotgun, as he doesn’t hit that hard. It’s just that his HP pool turns him into a bullet sponge. The biggest advice I can give you is to just keep moving and firing. Once you defeat him he’ll drop a chest which you can open for valuable gear.

That’s pretty much it for my how to find and beat Krampus guide. The fact that Krampus is strictly a melee boss makes him easy to beat solo just by moving around and shooting or climbing onto a platform he can’t reach. Check out more of our Fortnite guides like how to get and use the snowball launcher or how to find Sgt. Winter.

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