Fortnite's Battle Royale Season 3 has arrived, and with it comes a new challenge to find the llama, fox, and crab locations!

Fortnite Llama, Crab, and Fox Locations Guide

Fortnite's Battle Royale Season 3 has arrived, and with it comes a new challenge to find the llama, fox, and crab locations!

We may still be in early-access beta, but I don’t think Epic Games really knows that since we’re now officially kicking off Season Three of Fortnite‘s unstoppable Battle Royale mode!

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The switchover in seasons (and the move away from all those arrow-themed Valentine’s Day events) sees some big changes to the Fortnite experience. Most notably, we’re now moving away from daily rewards in Battle Royale to seven sets of weekly challenges throughout the season.

One of the first weekly challenges to complete tasks you with finding the secret llama, crab, and fox scattered across the map to earn yourself some sweet rewards and work towards leveling up your battle pass.

Can’t find those elusive critters? We’ve got the locations of all three detailed below. Let’s get started hunting them down! All three map locations are found in the red circles below below, or read on to find out specific locations for each structure that is shaped like an animal.

The new locations to find in Fortnite: llama, fox, and crab 
Fortnite Llama, Fox, and Crab Map Locations

Fortnite Season 3 Llama Location

This one is quite easy to locate as it is directly behind Junk Junction, near the cliff on the far northwest corner of the Battle Royale map.

You might miss it the first time, though, as the “llama” is actually a large metal building shaped like a llama that looks like it belongs to the Junk Junction section. You only have to land on it with your hang glider after jumping from the bus in order to complete the objective.

If the bus comes from this quadrant of the map, you can pretty much immediately jump off and land directly at the llama’s location. Making it here from the air if the bus comes from any other quadrant is pretty difficult, however, as there isn’t really enough air time to sail all the way to this edge of the map. If you miss it, just play through and start another match to try again, as there’s plenty of time to get these objectives.

You'll find the Fortnite llama location here The Llama location (thanks to GF LaserBolt for the screenshot)

Fortnite Season 3 Crab Location

Made of the wood resource, this titanic crustacean is located on top of a cliff you can’t reach except by using the hang glider after jumping out of the bus.

The crab is found at the far southeast corner of the map (and at the southwest end of Moisty Mire). As with the other buildings, it is located near the very edge of the map by the drop-off into the water, so don’t miscalculate your landing or you might be the first accidental death of the match!

You can find the crab in Fortnite here The Fortnite Crab Location

Fortnite Season 3 Fox Location

Now that we’ve got the other two, the fox is a brick building that’s quite a bit smaller than the llama, but it should still be visible from the air if you jump off the bus nearby.

You can find this one by heading all the way over to the east of Wailing Woods (at the northeast corner of the Battle Royale map), and this one is also near the cliffside by the water. With the direction of the bus travel, you will likely need to stay onboard until way later than most other players jump, so be sure to grab any chests nearby immediately so you aren’t outgunned.

Just like with the other two animal buildings, just land on top of the fox to wrap up this Fortnite Season 3 challenge!

Where is the fox in Fortnite, you ask? Why, iust head to the east of Wailing Woods The Fox Location

Now that we’ve wrapped up that early Season 3 challenge, are you ready to move onto more difficult challenges and unlock some killer skins and harvesting tools? Check out our full list of Fortnite Battle Royale and Save The World guides here for tips on getting ahead!

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