Stumped on this Fortnite Week 6 treasure hunt location? We show you exactly where to land to grab the Battle Star!

Fortnite Week 6 Challenge: Search Between A Metal Bridge

Stumped on this Fortnite Week 6 treasure hunt location? We show you exactly where to land to grab the Battle Star!
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Egg Launchers, killer bunny outfits, and eggcellent mini-bosses have all arrived to let you know spring is officially here with the arrival of Fortnite Season 3 Week 6!

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Battle Pass holders, of course, get new weekly challenges every Thursday morning to test your skills and have you get kills with different weapons and search out hidden treasure hunt locations.

This week’s Battle Star treasure hunt seems like a reference to the Oscar-winning dramedy Three BIllboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. You won’t have to face off against the local police or go on a date with Peter Dinklage to complete this challenge, though. If you haven’t figured out where to find this Battle Star yet, we’ve got you covered with the exact location below.

If you’re just getting started earning your battle points this morning, here’s all the Week 6 challenges to try out with this new Fortnite v3.4 patch:

  • Deal damage with SMGs to opponents (500)
  • Search chests in Anarchy Acres (7)
  • Place a Cozy Campfire (1)
  • Summit different mountain peaks (10)
  • Hard: Search between a Metal Bridge, Three Billboards, and a Crashed Bus (covered below)
  • Hard: Explosive weapon eliminations (3)
  • Hard: Eliminate opponents in Retail Row (3)

Fortnite Battle Star landing location circled in red Land on the hilltop across from the billboards to grab the Battle Star (thanks to Chuck for the screenshot)

Search between a Metal Bridge, Three Billboards, and a Crashed Bus

While the previous treasure hunt challenges typically had you finding a map first before reaching the Battle Star, that first half of the process has been culled entirely this time around. Now you just need to use your knowledge of the game area to figure out what section is between a bridge and three billboards.

Since the maps weren’t really necessary anyway (and also didn’t give much of a visual indication of where to search), it seems like future treasure hunts may ditch the maps altogether as well.

To reach this location the quickest, jump off the Battle Bus between Shifty Shafts and Salty Springs if possible. The specific grid coordinate you are looking for on the map is E7 and is near the river to the east of Shifty Shafts (see location on the map below).

From the air, you should clearly see the metal bridge on one side, and as you get closer, the three billboards will come into view. You are looking for a small hill with a very obvious clearing in the middle where the Battle Star will spawn.

You want to land on the tree-covered hilltop across from the billboards. When you hit the ground, the Battle Star will spawn as you walk close to its location (it won’t be visible from the air).

This hill is actually pretty tough to get to from the ground, so if you miss it while landing or the bus doesn’t fly from this direction at the start of the game, you may have to just play another match and try again.

As with most weekly challenges, keep in mind that you do have to actually complete the match to tick the challenge off your list. Logging out immediately after grabbing the Battle Star is a waste of time, as it won’t count.

Where to find the Search Between a Metal Bridge battle star in Fortnite Battle Royale as marked by a big, red X Fortnite Search Between A Metal Bridge Location

Did you manage to nab this week’s treasure hunt Battle Star yet? Let us know, and be sure to share your best kill or death of Season 3 Week 6 in the comments section!

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