Four Things I Want From Thief

What do I want from the next Thief? More stuff to do!

What do I want from the next Thief? More stuff to do!

I am a great Thief fan, and I just can’t wait for the new Thief to arrive in stores (it’s the fourth in the series). I thorougly enjoyed the previous Thief installations, but will the fourth one live up to my excpectations? I really do hope so.

I’ve made a list of things that I hope will come in the new Thief. So comment for something that you would like to have in the new game.

More stuff to do

The first thing that I want is to be able to investigate AI’s homes and have more of an open-world; basically more sidestuff to do. In previous Thief games, there wasn’t much of this, except in Thief 3: Deadly Shadows. There were a couple of buildings that you could go in and loot. It would also be great to be able to interact with the AI and do side quests for them; this would make the game much more of a living city instead of being an isolated, gray, dark, and empty world.

A bigger world

I also do want a larger and more vast world to be able to play in–high rooftops to climb on and maybe a tavern or two to take a break. But all joking aside, that would be great. Maybe to be able to co-operate with other more less-wealthy thieves. It can’t be all that great to be all on your own in such a scary city full of atrocities.

Seen as the good guy

It would be interesting to be able to change the way people see you (except from the city watch of course). I mean, let’s say you help a lady that has been robbed on the street by a mugger. She will thank you, and look at you as somewhat of a hero. I don’t mean that you should become a superhero or something, but all people shouldn’t see you as something they want to stay away from…

Maybe more tools? It’s not really something I crave all that much, but why not? More paths you can make for your next heist, more ways to take out enemies and more ways to show off, too! One thing I am really glad for is that they took back the rope arrow!

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