Full of Stars: Where to Find All the Specialists in Freighter Pilot Mode

Confused about how to find the specialists in the first Full of Stars story? Here's how to find them and reach 100% progress.

Confused about how to find the specialists in the first Full of Stars story? Here's how to find them and reach 100% progress.

If you’ve reached the Blue Sector in Full of Stars, you know that certain specialists are needed to upgrade the sector and reach 100% progress for the Freighter Pilot story line.

These specialists are necessary for your colony’s survival on their new world. You’ll be asked about one of them each time you reach the Blue Sector. Engineer Watson can help build strong habitats. Doctor Domsky can cure people from their extraterrestrial diseases. Professor Darwin can teach them which plants are safe to eat. 

Note: Once you’ve found a specialist, it doesn’t matter if you lose people afterwards. They’ll be on board as long as you reach the Blue Sector.

Here’s where to locate the three specialists in Freighter Pilot mode:

Where to Find Engineer Watson

Watson is the first specialist your colony will need, because better buildings are essential! Here’s how to find him:

  1. Starting from homeworld, travel to Arcadia-1. 
  2. Once at the planet, your computer will say something about needing someone crucial to the survival of the human race. Search for stranded tourists. 
  3. Say you’re looking for Engineer Watson. 
  4. When you meet the engineer, tell him what the computer said. He’ll agree to join you.
  5. Deliver him to the Blue Sector to upgrade it. You’ll also need 50 colonists. 

Where to Find Doctor Domsky

Domsky is the second specialist you’ll be asked for. When people start getting sick on the alien planet, they’ll need a skilled doctor to treat them.

  1. Starting from New Toyko, go to the Mysterious Distress Signal
  2. Once there, intercept pods to take slaves on board. 
  3. Go to the Slave Destination. You’ll learn that pirates took the doctor.
  4. Head to Quantum Comms Station.
  5. Go to Tortuga Station
  6. At the station, risk and dock.
  7. When asked about what you’re here for, say slaves.
  8. You’ll be asked if you’re buying or selling. Choose the third option: Ask for Doctor Domsky.
  9. The pirate will explain he’s been sold, but you can pay him to reveal the doctor’s location. 
    1. Either pay 5 idium crystals, or threaten using 5 leadership points. 
  10. The pirate will give you coordinates to a new location. Travel there.
  11. Upon arrival, approach stealthily. You’ll have to spend more idium crystals to have the doctor become a part of your crew. He has women with him, who might also become your passengers.
  12. Deliver the doctor to the Blue Sector. This time, you’ll need 200 people to upgrade.

Where to Find Professor Darwin

Darwin is the third specialist you’ll need to find on your travels. This xenobiologist will help the colonists with cultivation. 

  1. Starting from Quantum Comms Station, travel to Vivid Nebula
  2. Upon arrival, pay 5 idium crystals to send a research probe to observe the rift floaters. You will locate their nest, and the route becomes available.
  3. Go to the rift floater nest.
  4. You’ll notice a man-made device in the nest. Risk sending crew to retrieve the device. The three crew members you send will discover Professor Darwin’s location: the Dragon’s Eye vortex.
  5. Go to the Dragon’s Eye. Here, you will rescue the professor. He will join your crew and you can fly out of there.
  6. Deliver him to the Blue Sector. You’ll need 300 people to upgrade the sector.

Once you’ve found all the specialists — and traveled all the paths for this story line — you should be at 100% progress. Your Blue Sector should also be at level 4. Congratulations! You’re ready to try out the latest story: Explorer. 

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Happy exploring!

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