Full Of Stars: Code to Unlock the Vault in Quantum Comms Station

If you're stuck at Quantum Comms Station, you're about to get rescued.

Full of Stars is a free-to-play action game that launched in the iOS store on April 11. As developer ArsThanea's only game on the store, Full of Stars has set a high standard -- as it's already well over 1,000 reviews at 4 and a half stars. 

Set in the future, you are a space captain in charge of rescuing citizens stranded by war on other planets and stations. You must navigate through the dangers of space to get you and your crew to safety. 

But some players have reported getting stuck at the Quantum Comms Station. They can't seem to unlock the vault there because they don't have the code. And with innocent lives at risk, they can't waste any more time than is absolutely necessary in unlocking this vault -- which is really a shortcut to the Blue Sector. 

Luckily, we've got the code for you, and we know what to do with it. 

How to Unlock the Vault in Full of Stars

Once you get to the Quantum Comms Station, you'll need to:

  • Board the station
  • Scavenge supplies and receive 700 idium
  • Inspect the body 
    • Here you will learn the numbers 733197. This is the first part of the code, but you don't need to remember it. These numbers will be entered for you.
  • Try to read the numbers
    • Here you will learn that the rest of the code is a combination of 1-9, with the exclusion of 5
  • Enter the rest of the code yourself. 

But what exactly is the code for the vault? Here ya go:


Once you have unlocked the vault, you'll receive a navigation key that grants access to your new destination. When you leave the station, you can either go to the corporate battlefield, Vivid Nebula (hard), or Tortuga Station (very hard). The choice is yours!

Happy exploring!

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Published Jun. 9th 2017

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