Once you reach a high enough Adventurer Rank, you'll unlock co op multiplayer in Genshin Impact. Here is how you navigate its menu to play with friends.

Genshin Impact Co Op Multiplayer Guide: How to Play With Friends

Once you reach a high enough Adventurer Rank, you'll unlock co op multiplayer in Genshin Impact. Here is how you navigate its menu to play with friends.
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When you hit Adventurer Rank 16, Genshin Impact’s multiplayer co op option will unlock, letting you tackle the game with friends. Getting to Adventurer Rank 16 will take a good 10 to 20 hours, though, so if you’ve just started the free-to-play ARPG, unlocking multiplayer will take a little while.

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There are various activities that will increase your rank in Genshin Impact, such as completing both story and side quests, unlocking different teleporting waypoints in the world, opening treasure chests you come across, and clearing domains.

Once co op is unlocked, you’ll need to bring up either your click menu or your menu and select the icon that looks like a shining beacon that says “co op.” A new search screen detailing a list of names will appear. From there, you have a few options to select.

How to search for another player

At the top of the menu, you have the option of either searching another player’s UID (which is shown at the bottom right corner of every player’s screen) or searching their Online ID to play co op together.

I’m playing on PlayStation 4, so the Online ID is simply a player’s PSN name. Fairly simple so far!

How to join another player

At the bottom left of the menu, there is the option to toggle “Show Joinable Only” on or off. This means that there are some people you can’t play with at all. It seems to be tied to a player’s minimum World Level. When you first unlock co op at Adventurer Rank 16, you’ll be at World Level 0.

At Adventurer Rank 20, your World Rank will automatically rise from 0 to 1.

This means that if a friend you want to play with is at World Rank 1, but you’re still at World Rank 0, then you can’t play together, unfortunately.

From there, it’s straightforward. Just press “X,” or your platform’s equivalent, to request to join the other player’s world. Be aware that if they don’t respond after a short while, your request to join will simply just time out.

How to let other players join your game

The bottom right option in the wheel, My Multiplayer, allows you to select how you want other players to join your own game.

It is set to “Join After Approval” by default. The other two options are “Reject Join Requests,” for when you don’t feel like playing with others, and “Allow Direct Join.” The latter option, as the name suggests, allows other players to join your game directly.

How to leave a multiplayer co-op game

If you want to leave someone else’s game, you can click the Co-Op icon (the shining beacon) and select “Leave Game.”

That is how you navigate the co op menu in Genshin Impact! For other guides, such as how to process 3 ingredients, stay tuned on GameSkinny.

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