How to solve the puzzle of the Duyun ruins in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Duyun Ruins Puzzle Solution Guide

How to solve the puzzle of the Duyun ruins in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is filled to the brim with loot and rewards. Perhaps no reward is sweeter than the high quality loot a Genshin Impact player finds after completing a tough puzzle. Well, the Dunyu Ruins feature such a puzzle.

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Considered one of the game’s tougher non-combat challenges, the Dunyu Ruins puzzle is well worth the effort. As the puzzle offers two Luxurious Chests and a Nameless Treasure as a reward, who is going to argue? And, with this quick guide, you will be enjoying its bountiful rewards in just a few easy steps.

Lighting the torches

The first of two major milestones you will need to complete in order to defeat the Dunyu Ruins puzzle is the lighting of the torches. But, there are some steps you will need to take before you can light them.

  • Make your way northeast of Lingju Pass to the Dunyu Ruins.
  • Discover the magically blocked Geo statue nearby. Lighting the four torches will unlock the statue and allow you to progress within the puzzle.
  • The first torch is near the Geo statue. One of the torches can be seen within the image provided above for reference. Light the torch by hitting it with a fire skill.
  • There are two more torches further down the structure on which the Geo statue stands and a third torch upon a pillar further up the structure near the Geo statue. Light them all.
  • Now that the magical barrier has been removed from the Geo statue, activate it by using a Geo skill on the object. This will cause the water in the center of the structure to drain, revealing the Luxurious Chest containing the Nameless Treasure below.

However, the Nameless Treasure will be protected by a barrier. In order to plunder the chest, you will have to deactivate the barrier by activating the three statues surrounding the barrier. In order to do this, you will have to track down three blue spirits.

Gathering the blue spirits

Once you have drained the water from the lower portion of the structure, you are nearly done. Now all that is left is dealing with those pesky blue spirits.

  • The first spirit can be found near the barrier itself; an example of a blue spirit can be seen within the image provided above. Guide the spirit back to the three barrier statues.
  • For the second blue spirit, you will need to venture downwards in the structure. This spirit will be found near a Ruin Guard. Likewise, guide the spirit to the barrier statues.
  • The final blue spirit is harder to find. In order to unlock the spirit hiding within a nearby cage, you will have to complete the challenge found within the building opposite of the structure that houses the Geo statue.
  • Once you defeat all of the slimes within 60 seconds to complete the challenge, the spirit will seem to disappear. From the same area where you defeated the slimes, looking up, you will notice a hole that reveals an upper floor. This is where you must go to find the blue spirit.
  • To access the floor, you will need to leap downwards from a higher point of the building’s outer structure and land within the floor’s nearby window.
  • Once on the correct floor, the blue spirit will be seen near a Luxurious Chest that you can loot before guiding the spirit back to the barrier statues.

Once all three statues have been activated, the barrier protecting the Nameless Treasure will dissipate. You can now plunder the Luxurious Chest for the Nameless Treasure and enjoy the reward of the Dunyu Ruins puzzle. Check out our plethora of other Genshin Impact guides here on Gameskinny.

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