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Genshin Impact: How to Get Layla for Free

Missed Layla in previous banners? Here's how to earn her for free in Genshin Impact 3.8.

Version 3.8 for Genshin Impact centers around a limited-time area filled with new content and fun rewards. One of the biggest is being able to add a new character with Layla. This 4-star Cryo character was added last November and can be a great addition to your team — she serves well as a shield support role that can consistently apply Cryo and build up her Elemental Burst. Rest assured, you aren’t the only one wondering how to get Layla for free.

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How to Get Layla for Free in Genshin Impact

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To get Layla for free in Genshin Impact, the first step is collecting 1,200 Fascinating Penocrysts. These are only available as rewards from the following four attraction minigames:

  • Spino Blaster
  • Dance of Flashing Thought
  • Sojourns of the Barking Fox
  • Bing-Bang Finchball

These minigames become available after completing Mirage Paradise in Crisis!, the second part of the Secret Summer Paradise event quest line. Each minigame has multiple stages that feature similar objectives, most of which simply require you to reach a set amount of points. They’re all pretty easy; the only minigame I didn’t earn all the rewards for in one go was Dance of Flashing Thought, which is the typical combat trial type.

Thankfully, the amount of Fascinating Phenocrysts needed to invite Layla to your team isn’t the maximum available. It’s possible to accumulate enough by only playing through three of the minigames. Still, here are some general tips to help you through each one.

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How to Complete Each Minigame to Unlock Layla for Free

Below, I provide some general tips and tricks I found helpful for getting through each of the minigames. Again, you only need to complete three of the four to get Layla for free in Genshin Impact.

Spino Blaster Tips

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Spino Blaster is a water-cannon minigame with four stages that introduce new elements as you play, although none ever make it too difficult. All you need to do is avoid the purple swirly Brouhaha Ball and focus on the other special balls. There’s almost always an explosive red Dual-Charged Ball to take out a group, while the other special balls will provide powerful buffs.

To put it into perspective, there were only a handful of moments where I individually shot at the green and orange point balls. 95% of my shots were aimed at special balls, and I was easily able to coast through each stage and surpass the score limits. 400 Fascinating Phenocrysts are available to earn in total.

Dance of Flashing Thought Tips

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Out of all the minigames, Dance of Flashing Thought is the only one that requires a bit of complex thought. It’s best to craft your team to meet each of the four stage’s unique buff, although depending on your team’s level and who you’ve unlocked, this could be easier said than done. Feel free to ignore these and tackle the other easier minigames if your only goal is to get Layla for free. Otherwise, make sure to bring out your best and most appropriate characters.

The goal for each of these is to eliminate enemies and fill up the Honed Will gauge. Once that’s done, a spotlight will shine on you for a brief period, and any enemies caught in the light will take True DMG. At this point, you just need to run around enemies, and even the strongest foes will melt. 400 Fascinating Phenocrysts are available to earn in total.

Sojourns of the Barking Fox Tips

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If you enjoy speed trials and flying through wind currents, you’ll love the Sojourns of the Barking Fox minigame. There are four stages that simply task you with controlling the Barking Fox toy to collect Adventure Coins. A handful of obstacles will impede your progress if you’re not too careful.

Unlike the Traveler, this toy can stop in place and control its vertical movement. My suggestion is to not worry about making big turns to avoid obstacles or even stopping in place for some. The time limit is extremely generous, so it’s best to focus on collecting all the coins for each stage. 400 Fascinating Phenocrysts are available to earn in total.

Bing-Bang Finchball Tips

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This shuffleboard-themed minigame has eight stages. More obstacles and a couple of unique Finchballs are added to each stage, but they’re not too difficult. Bing-Bang Finchball likely goes by the quickest anyway. The points needed to unlock Fascinating Phenocrysts aren’t too much, either.

Just like nearly everything else in this entire event, it’s balanced to be more on the generous side. Later stages will throw you some curveballs, but the special Finchballs can help make up for any mistakes. Go easy on the power and pay attention to how much you’re using, and you’ll be just fine. 600 Fascinating Phenocrysts are available to earn in total.

And that’s how to get Layla for free in Genshin Impact. Tackle the minigames however you want while keeping these tips in mind, and you’ll have a new character join your team in no time at all. Just make sure to do it before the event and your chance ends on August 16. If you’re curious about what’s coming next, here’s what we know regarding the Fontaine region. For other tips and tricks, check out our collection of Genshin Impact guides.

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