Ghost of Tsushima Ghost Armor Guide

Find out how to get ghost armor in the From the Darkness quest using this guide to Ghost of Tsushima.

Find out how to get ghost armor in the From the Darkness quest using this guide to Ghost of Tsushima.

The ghost armor set is one of the best and most valuable pieces of gear in Ghost of Tsushima. It’s perfect for those choosing stealth over pure action. However, getting the ghost armor set can be tough, as you need to go through one heck of a mission. 

First, you need to complete the first act of the main story campaign. Then, during the second act, you must reach the “From the Darkness” quest. From there, follow our guide below.

How to Get Ghost Armor in Ghost of Tsushima

Speak to Yuna

After completing “The Fate of Tsushima” quest, you will need to speak with Yuna, who will temporarily grant you the Ghost armor set for a new mission, “From the Darkness”. To keep the armor, you must complete the quest. 

Enter the Castle of Shimura

After speaking with Yuna and getting the Ghost Armor, you’ll need to enter the Castle of Shimura completely unnoticed or the mission will fail. Here is the best way to do it:

  1. Approach the bridge to your right
  2. Use grapple to grab the hooks near bridge
  3. Jump on the rocks under the bridge
  4. Walk over the fallen tree
  5. Climb up the rocky cliff
  6. Use grapple again to move up a level
  7. Enter the first keep of the castle

Inside the castle, you must go to the top floor. But there will be enemies on your way, which you need to eliminate as quietly as possible. Once that’s done, use ladders to reach the top floor.

Pass Through the Garden

Go to the second floor of the tower and survey the area of the castle from the balcony. After surveying the main points, which will reveal a Poison marker on your map, you need to pass through the garden into the main keep:

  1. Use ropes stretched between roofs
  2. Kill the archer in the second watchtower
  3. Use another set of ropes in the next area
  4. Reach the Poison marker

Try to attack the guards from behind. This will help you stay unnoticed throughout this part of the mission. Finally, posion the guards by pressing “R2” when prompted.

Kill Ryuzo

Before entering the main keep to fight Ryuzo (the area’s boss), it’s a good idea to change your armor to something more fitting for the long melee battle ahead.

Ryuzo will use two main types of attacks:

  • Red Attack  This cannot be parried, so the only way to avoid it is by dodging.
  • Blue Attack  This can be parried using the Unyielding Sword Parry technique.

Between each attack or combo, you will have a short window to deal damage to Ryuzo. But other than that, rely on dodging and parrying as much as possible.

When the boss is dead, you will get to keep the Ghost armor set as a reward.

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