One of the weapons you have at your disposal in Ghost of Tsushima is the Long Bow and here, we'll show you how to find it.

Ghost of Tsushima: How to Get the Longbow

One of the weapons you have at your disposal in Ghost of Tsushima is the Long Bow and here, we'll show you how to find it.

After you acquire the Half Bow in Ghost of Tsushima, you might want to get your hands on something a little more powerful with more range. Luckily, there is another bow you can find, called the Longbow

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Unlike the Half Bow, the Ghost of Tsushima Longbow is totally missable, and it can only be found by completing a specific mission. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find the Longbow, and we’ll go through its features, as well as how to use it.

Where to Find the Longbow in Ghost of Tsushima

Speak to a musician in Hiyoshi Springs to start the Longbow quest: The Curse of Uchitsune.

In order to get your hands on the Longbow, you’ll need to complete The Curse of Uchitsune quest, which can only be initiated after you’ve finished the following quests:

  • The Tale of Lady Masako
  • Blood on the Grass
  • The Warrior’s Code
  • The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa

Once you’ve completed those four missions, head back to Hiyoshi Springs and look for a musician to the northwest of the main structure. He’ll tell the tale of a cursed bow, which will trigger the beginning of The Curse of Uchitsune quest. 

This mission serves as a lengthy scavenger hunt in which you must follow blue flowers to lead you to the next destination with a clue as to where to go next.

The first one will send you to a tomb, where you’ll discover a painting of an island. After you exit the tomb, you’ll come across an enemy who warns you not to look for the bow. Ignore his warnings and continue following the blue flowers.

Jin standing on a rock looking at an island with a Japanese art piece of the island superimposed.

When you finally reach the island, which is located northeast of Izuhara, you’ll find another painting  this time of a mountain. Again, the same enemy as before will warn you not to keep looking for the bow. Fast travel to Sensei Ishikawa’s Dojo to continue your search for the bow.

The dojo is close to the mountain, so use the wind to guide you there, and continue following the flowers.

Jin standing on a cliff looking at a mountain described by an art piece.

After you make it to the mountain, you’ll come across the legendary Longbow sitting in plain sight. But of course, when you pick it up, a boss fight is triggered against an enemy named Tengu Demon, and he’s quite difficult.

Jin fighting the Tengu Demon on a beach in Kurosawa black and white mode.

After you defeat the boss, you’ll finally have your hands on the Longbow. You can swap between it and the Half Bow with the d-pad after you hold in “L2”.

How to Use the Longbow

The longbow symbol alongside description text for the bow: high damage and zoom, but long draw time.

In many ways, the Longbow is much more effective than the Half Bow, though both have their pros and cons. The Longbow deals higher damage and has more range, but it is slower and takes longer to draw. You cannot crouch while using it, but its damage allows you to pierce enemy armor.

You use it the same way as the Half Bow. Use “L2” to draw the bow and “R2” to pull back on an arrow. Release “R2” to fire. Remember, you still have to adjust for drop distance, so make sure you aim above your target to ensure it lands.

Like the Half Bow, the Longbow allows for an ammo variant. You can equip explosive arrows, which are unlocked alongside the Longbow. Draw your bow and use “triangle” to switch to explosive arrows.

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That covers everything you’ll need to know about getting and using the Longbow effectively in Ghost of Tsushima. For more on GoT, check out the links above, and stay tuned for more in the coming days.

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