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Ghostrunner 2: How the Upgrade Chip System Works

Confused about how the upgrade chip system works in Ghostrunner 2? We've got you covered.

As you begin to accrue upgrade chips, you may start wondering what they’re for. Their associated system is essential to maximizing your combat abilities. However, it can be confusing with memory leaks and motherboards and whatnot. Here’s how the Ghostrunner 2. upgrade chip system works.

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The Ghostrunner 2 Upgrade Chip System Explained

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Equipping upgrade chips in Ghostrunner 2 is not as straightforward as it immediately seems. You have 13 slots on your Motherboard. Technically, you can fill all those spaces if you have enough memory slots to hold everything. However, if you equip an upgrade chip, that column on the Motherboard is locked to the chip type you’ve just equipped.

If you equip a Sword chip to the first column, that column can only equip other Sword chips. The same is true for the remainder of the columns. Because there are dozens of upgrade chips to choose from — and double the number of subcategories — you’ll need to be choosy about what you use.

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What is a Memory Leak?

If you equip an upgrade chip and leave open spaces below it or spaces between two chips in a column, you’ll get a “memory leak.” Thankfully, that’s not as scary as it sounds. All a memory leak debuff does in Ghostrunner 2 is count as a used slot on your Motherboard, taking up memory as though there was a chip in its place. It has no other major adverse effect on your gameplay.

Upgrade Chip Types

There are eight types of upgrade chips in Ghostrunner 2:

  • Sword
  • System
  • Traversal
  • Flow
  • Shuriken
  • Tempest
  • Shadow
  • Rootkit

How to Use the Upgrade Your Motherboard

To equip more upgrade chips, you must improve your motherboard to hold more memory. You can only do that by collecting data shards scattered throughout each level. You can collect every Shard on every level for a completely maxed-out experience, but I found you only need to gather about 60% to 70% of the ones you see for a solid experience. Luckily enough, that’s about how many you’ll find either on the main path or just off of it.

What is the Rooting Upgrade Chip?

There’s one additional caveat I should mention. Later in the Ghostrunner 2 campaign, you’ll earn access to the Rooting upgrade chip. It’s expensive at eight memory points, but it lets you put any upgrade chip in any slot. Requirements vanish entirely.

That’s how the upgrade chip system works in Ghostrunner 2. It’s a little clunky, a little confusing, and a bit overdone, but it’s not too difficult to understand. For more content on the latest parkour cyber-ninja game, check out our guides hub.

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