Finding all the God of War dragon locations is just the start. You'll need to complete Favors to get Dragon Tears, too.

God of War Dragon Locations: How to Get Dragon Tears

Finding all the God of War dragon locations is just the start. You'll need to complete Favors to get Dragon Tears, too.
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Finding the God of War dragon locations is just the start. You’ll need to complete Favors for all three dragons to earn Dragon Tears, which you can then use to upgrade the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages.

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In this God of War guide, we’ll tell you where all of the dragon locations are, as well as where to find each of the shrines you must destroy within them. 

It takes five Dragon Tears to fully upgrade the Gauntlet, and you can get three from the dragons of Midgard. It takes a long time and plenty of trekking to and fro, though, so you’ll need a bit of patience to clear all three Favors in each dragon location.

God of War Dragon Locations – Where to Find Fafnir

Fafnir lives near the Lake of Nine and Alfheim Tower. Sail towards the tower, and dock the boat at the jetty on the left. Destroy the rubble, climb the cliff, then follow the path to the double doors to find this dragon location. Enter, and the Flight of Fafnir favor starts as soon as you approach the dragon.

Dragon Location 1: How to Complete Flight of Fafnir in God of War

You need to destroy three shrines for this quest. The first two in this dragon location are on a path to your left. A few Draugr surround the first one, so defeat them, then use the Leviathan Axe to destroy the shrine.

Follow the path to the second one, and you’ll find even more Draugr. This time, you’ll also need to dodge Fafnir’s lightning, but the process is the same as the first shrine  defeat the enemies, then use the Axe to destroy the shrine.

The third shrine is in the area’s southeast corner and has a large Draugr guarding it with a two-handed sword. Deal with this new threat, destroy the Shrine, and speak with Fafnir at last.

If you have trouble finding any of these, track the Favor as your active quest to get markers pointing you in the general direction.

God of War Dragon Locations – Where to Find Otr

Otr is also near the Alfheim Tower. Dock your boat to the right of the tower this time, and follow the path to another set of double doors. There’s a wheel nearby you’ll need to crank to unlock the doors.

You’ll enter Veithurgard once you head through the doors, and another Favor for this dragon location begins immediately: Otr’s Imprisonment.

Dragon Location 2: How to Complete Otr’s Imprisonment

Otr’s Imprisonment also requires you to destroy three shrines. Once in the Veithurgard region, head forward into this dragon location until you reach a pillar with runes engraved on it. Otr fires lightning up the path, so you’ll have to dodge that as you go. Turn right at the pillar, and follow the path to the first shrine. Defeat the Draugr as usual, and destroy the shrine with the Axe.

Head back to the pillar and take the left path this time, and then do the same.

Now backtrack to the first open area. Turn right, and take the steps up into a torchlit cave. This path leads you along some stoneworks and over a few gaps, but continue following it until you pop out at the third shrine. This one only has a single Draugr, so deal with it, destroy the shrine, and finally speak with Otr.

God of War Dragon Locations – Where to Find Reginn

Getting to Reginn’s dragon location takes a bit of work. You’ll first need to complete four Favors for Brok and Sindri (two for each) and then do the Hail to the King Favor for Brok.

After that, you’ll receive a quest marker that leads you to Konunsgard on the western edge of the Lake of Nine. By now, you’re familiar with how this goes. Enter the doors of this dragon location, and you’ll begin Reginn’s Favor: The Fire of Reginn.

Dragon Location 3: How to Complete The Fire of Reginn

This is another dragon location where you need to destroy three shrines, but the area is much larger than the previous two. There’s a locked door in front of the rune pillar. Turn right from the locked door, and follow the long path until you turn a bend and see Reginn.

The dragon breathes lightning similar to its brethren, but there’s only one point right now where your path crosses it. Keep moving forward, and you’ll reach the first shrine.

The second shrine is just a few steps further ahead, under a firepot. Turn around, then head back into the clearing and turn right. Deal with the rune door puzzle by hitting all three bells in a short timeframe. Throw sap at the first one, then shoot it with a shock arrow to count as a hit. Hurl your Axe at the other two.

Follow the (very long) path until you reach another clearing with a pedestal. The third shrine is in front of it, but watch out for Reginn’s lightning, as it periodically encompasses this area. Deal with any enemies in the clearing, then destroy the shrine and speak with Reginn.

Take your Dragon Tears back to Brok, and you can use them to upgrade the Gauntlet.

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