Improve your stats and abilities with the help of our list of the best enchantments in God of War: Ragnarok.

God of War: Ragnarok — Best Enchantments

Improve your stats and abilities with the help of our list of the best enchantments in God of War: Ragnarok.

You can equip various enchantments in God of War: Ragnarok to improve your stats and abilities. The best enchantments are the ones that come in sets since they have special perks, but there are also some individual enchantments that are worth looking at.

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Our guide will provide you with a list of the best enchantments in God of War: Ragnarok, including tips on how to get them.

Asgard Enchantments

The best set of enchantments for increasing heavy damage and all the damage that comes from Kratos’ abilities would be the Asgard’s set.

The three best Asgard enchantments are:

  • Asgard’s Fortitude
    • Strength: 12
    • Cooldown: 3
  • Asgard’s Justice
    • Cooldown: 3
    • Luck: 12
  • Asgard’s Might
    • Defense: 12
    • Cooldown: 3

Note that once all three enchantments are equipped, they will activate the Asgard’s special perk, which increases the damage of all heavy attacks and abilities, based on Kratos’ Cooldown.

How to get Asgard Enchantments

Asgard’s Fortitude can be obtained after defeating Hardrefill the Callous optional berserker boss, who can be found at the city of Nidavellir in Svartalfheim (indicated on the map above). Players may encounter him during “Fit for a King” favor.

Asgard’s Justice can be obtained as a part of “A Scar Is Born” buried treasure, which can be found in The Sinkholes of Vanaheim.

Asgard’s Might can be obtained after defeating Beirgadr the Feared berserker boss at the Alberich Island of Svartalfheim. Players can fight him right after they collect the Hilt of Skofnung at the spot indicated on the map above.

Vanaheim Enchantments

If you want to focus on increasing melee damage and negative status effects, then Vanaheim set would be the best choice.

The three best Vanaheim enchantments are:

  • Vanaheim’s Fortitude.
    • Cooldown: 20
    • Luck: 2
  • Vanaheim’s Honor.
    • Runic: 8
    • Luck: 5
  • Vanaheim’s Virtue.
    • Strength: 9
    • Luck: 4

When all three enchantments are equipped, players will receive a special set perk allowing Kratos to deal more melee damage to enemies affected by negative status effects. This chance depends on the overall level of your Luck.

How to get Vanaheim Enchantments

Vanaheim’s Fortitude can be obtained right after players complete the “For Vanaheim!” favor, which requires them to locate and rescue Birgir. You can find Birgir at The Sinkholes of Vanaheim.

Vanaheim’s Honor can be crafted at any workshop for 1,000 Hacksilver.

Vanaheim’s Virtue becomes available as a reward right after players complete the twelfth story mission “Reunion“.

Greater Regenerating Essence Enchantment

Dealing damage is one of the main priorities in God of War: Ragnarok, but one also needs to find a way to quickly restore Kratos’ health.

Greater Regenerating Essence is the best healing enchantment in the game, albeit you can equip it only in case you already have at least 170 Vitality.

How to get Greater Regenerating Essence

Greater Regenerating Essence can be obtained after defeating the Slag Horn dragon during the “Path of Destruction: The Jungle” quest in The Jungle of Vanaheim.

Evasive Cleanse Enchantment

Negative status effects can create a lot of problems for Kratos if he doesn’t get rid of them soon enough.

Evasive Cleanse enchantment provides players with an ability to remove various negative status effects, such as Burn, Poison, and Frost, by simply dodge rolling.

In order to equip this enchantment players must have at least 130 Defense.

How to get Evasive Cleanse Enchantment

In order to get Evasive Cleanse enchantment players need to raid one of the four possible Kol Raider camps in Midgard:

  • In the Raider Hideout.
  • In the Raider Stronghold.
  • In the Raider Fort.
  • In the ice cave north of the Raider’s Keep.

Stunning Fang Enchantment

Lastly is an enchantment that provides that extra push to all your attacks, especially the ones with the Stun damage.

Stunning Fang enchantment will release a series of shockwaves once you hit a stunned enemy. On top of that, there is a chance of further stacking your Strength, as well as Stun damage.

Only players who have at least 220 Defense can equip Stunning Fang.

How to get Stunning Fang Enchantment

During the “Casualty of War: The Scroll” favor given by the spirit of Vanaheim players have to find the other half of the scroll, and as a reward they will receive the Stunning Fang enchantment.

The required scroll can be found in The Plains of Vanaheim indicated on the map above.

Those are the best enchantments in God of War: Ragnarok. For other locations guides, walkthroughs, and more, head over to our Ragnarok tips hub right here.

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