An optional mini-boss on your road to taking on the gods of Asgard, the Fierce Stalker lives up to her name. Here's how to beat her.

God of War: Ragnarok — How to Beat the Fierce Stalker

An optional mini-boss on your road to taking on the gods of Asgard, the Fierce Stalker lives up to her name. Here's how to beat her.

An optional mini-boss in God of War: Ragnarok guarding a Hel Tear, the Fierce Stalker is a difficult challenge worth defeating. You’ll encounter her in a side arena on your way to get the Draupnir Spear, and she attacks the instant you open the Tear.

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She’s also accompanied by two four-legged mobs, which you should focus on first. The Fierce Stalker doesn’t have the largest move pool, but the attacks she has hit hard and come in pairs. This guide covers everything you need to know about beating her.

Tips for Beating the Fierce Stalker

The Fierce Stalker will attack the instant you open the realm tear, so be ready to either parry or dodge shortly after the opening animation finishes. Once the fight starts, you’ll need to deal with the Stalker and her two beast friends. Take out the mobs, then focus on the centaur.

Fierce Stalker Attacks

You’ll only need to worry about four attacks when fighting the Fierce Stalker, but she tends to use them in combo strings, and most of them will break your guard, at least.

Charging Stab

The Fierce Stalker flourishes her spear, lowers it to her side, and charges forward. There’s a long yellow-circle parry window, so if you want to counter the attack, the timing is generous. Should you miss the parry, there’s little fear of reprisal as the Stalker will end up several meters behind you. The same is true if you dodge the attack to the side.

Three Swing Combo

This attack sees the boss get in your face, pull her spear out to her side, and then swing it horizontally across her front three times. All three swings are slow, and they’re not guard crushes or unblockable, so you can parry any of them. Dodging is a bit trickier, as you need to get behind the swings, which you can do by moving behind the side her spear just attacked from.

Unblockable Slash

One of two unblockable attacks of the Fierce Stalker, this one has her twirl her weapon on her left side (your right), swiping it across her body, then stepping forward as she slashes across your midsection. You’ll need to dodge roll through the attack to avoid it, as it will catch you if you go backward. A regular attack follows the unblockable swing, so if you manage to get back up after the red circle fades, you can parry again.

Rearing Kick

The boss rears up in your face and attempts to bring her front hooves down on top of you. As the yellow circle forms, she rears for about a second. The actual parry window activates as her hooves are about to hit you. You can also easily dodge to either side to avoid the attack if you aren’t comfortable parrying.

Be sure to use Brok whenever you can, as both his Runic Summon and standard attacks deal more damage than you’d expect. Use your Runic Attacks whenever they’re off cooldown, and pop your Spartan Rage as an “oh crap” button. You’ll be able to loot the Hel Tear once the Stalker dies.

There are many tough enemies in God of War: Ragnarok, and the Fierce Stalker is one of the lesser ones. You should have everything you need to take her down, and if you need even more content, check out our guides hub.

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