Gotham Knights: How to Play Co-op

Here's how you can get started cleaning up the mean streets in Gotham Knights in co-op with friends.

Here's how you can get started cleaning up the mean streets in Gotham Knights in co-op with friends.

If comic book superheroes have taught us one thing, it’s that fighting crime is more fun with a sidekick. You can do just that if you play co-op in Gotham Knights. Beating baddies truly is more fun with a friend at your side, and we will show you how in this guide to co-op in Gotham Knights

How to Unlock Co-Op

As we noted in our review, co-op in Gotham Knights is a lot of fun. But it’s not available right out of the gate. You’ll need to make some progress in order to unlock it.

Start the game, and play though as normal. After you complete mission 1.2, titled Langstrom Drive, and first patrol you will return to the Belfry. There will be a short cutscene to watch, then co-op will be made available. 

How to Play Co-Op 

There are a few ways to play with other masked vigilantes in the streets of Gotham Knights. You can select to play with your friends, or join games via random matchmaking. Keep in mind that anyone you play with will also need to have progressed far enough to unlock co-op. 

The process to play with friends is:

  • Open the Pause Menu.
  • Select the Social Option.
  • Navigate to the Friends or Recent Tab.
  • Select the name of your friend, and either  Invite, or Join.

Playing with a random sidekick is fairly easy:

  • Open the Pause Menu.
  • Select the Multiplayer Option.
  • Select Quick Match.
  • Select Main Story.

How Does Co-op Work?

Anytime a two-player co-op game is started, one player will act as a host. The game takes place in their “world”, so enemy levels are scaled to match them, and progress is made in their missions.

Co-op is strictly online, there is no split screen or “couch co-op”, nor is there cross-play.

The level of the player joining the host is adjusted so that they play on a relatively level playing field, though discrepancies in gear quality may still make them more or less effective. If they make any progress during co-op that is new for them, such as finding unlockables, crafting items, or completing missions they haven’t already done, then that progress will carry over. 

Once both players are in Gotham City. they are free to explore and are not tethered to one another. It’s entirely possible to head to opposite ends of the city and fight crime. The only time players will be forced into the same location is during certain missions with enclosed areas, or upon returning to the belfry. 

How Many Players Can Play Co-Op in Gotham Knights?

As of launch co-op is limited to just two players in Gotham Knights. However, a new mode called “Heroic Assault” is to be a four-player experience.

Currently not much is known about Heroic Assault, but Gotham Knights developer WB Montreal describes it as, “ … a dedicated arena-like environment with specific objectives to complete and enemies to defeat on each floor (30 floors total).” To learn more about Heroic Assault when that information comes available, or to learn how to unlock fast travel, be sure to check out our other Gotham Knights guides.

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