Gran Turismo 7: How Often Does the Used Car Dealership Refresh?

The cars available in Gran Turismo 7's used car dealership are always changing. Here's how often the selection refreshes.

The cars available in Gran Turismo 7's used car dealership are always changing. Here's how often the selection refreshes.
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The used car dealership makes its return in Gran Turismo 7 as a quick and affordable way to add cars to your collection. The selection of cars available for purchase at the used car dealership is constantly changing and there usually is a limited amount of stock. If you’re here, you’re wondering how often it refreshes.

In this Gran Turismo 7 guide, we’ll tell you how often the vehicles at the used car dealership refresh in order to make way for a new selection of cars. That way, you won’t have to constantly check in yourself.

When Does the Used Car Dealership Refresh in Gran Turismo 7?

The used car dealership in Gran Turismo 7 refreshes once every day, at the time when Gran Turismo 7 first launched in your region, which should be midnight.

However, this is not a full refresh; the selection of cars available is not completely changed every day. Instead, some vehicles will remain available for several days until stock runs out. On the other hand, out-of-stock vehicles will cycle out with the refresh.

You can purchase from the selection of cars that are listed as available in stock or limited stock. When cars are listed as limited in stock, there are limited quantities available that may run out before the daily refresh. Once the dealership runs out of these cars, they will then be listed as out of stock.

Finally, cars that are out of stock or sold out can no longer be purchased. However, they will remain in the selection offered at the used car dealership until the next refresh. Only then will they be replaced with a new stock of cars at the used car dealership. 

Upon refresh, the stock status of cars will be updated, with some new cars being made available to replace the models that are out of stock. Models that are in stock or limited in-stock may remain available after the refresh.

The used car dealership gives you the chance to purchase new cars for a reasonable price. However, many of these cars can be eventually unlocked for free as rewards for completing races and menu books. Given that you can’t sell your cars back for credits, it is advisable to be selective with your purchases from the used car dealership.

And that’s just about everything on how often the used car dealership refreshes in Gran Turismo 7. If you’re wondering when multiplayer or split-screen unlocks, we’ve got a guide for that here. If you’re wondering how to change camera views, we’ve got you covered. For even more tips and tricks, check out our other Gran Turismo 7 guides on the dedicated game page.

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