Growtopia: Avoiding Boredom

Learn about eradicating unimpressive thoughts while playing Growtopia.
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Why you shouldn’t give up on Growtopia

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I almost quit playing Growtopia. It felt irrelevant playing it. But I changed my mind. Why did I almost discontinue? I had nothing to do. In this guide I will share my knowledge on Growtopia and give you some protips on what to do when you lose interest. I hope when you read my guide you see what Growtopia has in store, and that you make sure to follow my suggestions before you exit it’s vast universe.

Try everything

Do new things. Some newcomers think Growtopia is dumb, and maybe it is in your opinion, but consider see what the game has you haven’t experienced yet. Who knows? Maybe you will like it. If you are just a rich player, wealthy enough with no use anymore; try spleef, gaming worlds, or just wandering around worlds, spectating the game for entertainment, and you just might find it. If your new: try farming, making your own world, or maybe just overlooking for information because you want to know more about Growtopia. 

For the people who try farming and quit, here’s why you should continue: Rich players farm all the time, just because it benefits you with some extra gems. Beginners can just farm because gems are essential to get, not rich, but rich enough to buy the resources you need, or at least have wings and a couple world locks.

Make some friends

Open your friends list. Do you have any friends. You might say “I have lots of friends! My list is maxed out!“, but ask yourself this: Are they really my friends, or were they kind or person who I just randomly friended? If you have good friends, you won’t be as bored. Sometimes it’s fun to just hang out with them, even if you’re just talking.

When you are getting a friend make sure you can trust him. Sometimes it can take awhile until you can trust your friend, because you might not know them in real life. But finding a trusty comrade can prove useful. They can give you support in hard times, or even elaborate with you an help you in the game just because. If you’re new, never trust you password to your friends, or give them access to your worlds. (This also applies to experienced players)

Set goals

Setting goals is a great way to direct your focus on something. Try aiming for WOTD. Maybe video of the week? Building small goals or more, personal goals can be more satifying. Maybe attempting to get 25 world locks? Building a world? You might be new and your goal could even be getting your first world lock. Achieving your milestones feel great and start fresh ones are almost the same.

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