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GTA 5 Online: How to Find the Strip Club

It doesn't take much to find the strip club in GTA 5 Online.

There’s plenty to see and do in Grand Theft Auto Online, but one of them you might not want to do with friends. Or maybe you do! Maybe a group outing to the Vanilla Unicorn strip club will do you some good, a little team building. Here’s how to find the strip club in GTA 5 Online pretty easily.

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How to Find the Strip Club in GTA 5 Online

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Here’s how to find the strip club in GTA 5 Online. Note that you must be Rank 6 before being able to find the location. It can also be used as a safe house.

  • Open up the map.
  • Scroll up in the icon listing.
  • Look for the “Strip Club” listing.
  • Select it and set a waypoint.

Lock that in your memory banks to find places on the map in the future. It will make your time with the game a lot easier. To make your search for the strip club easier, I’ve included a map of where to find the Vanilla Unicorn above.

What Does the Strip Club Look Like?

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Let’s say you grab your buds, and you want to do a little “teambuilding.” You decide to look for the Vanilla Unicorn strip club and head to the location on the map. But oh, no! You’re all drunk, rowdy, and confused. What does the front of the best-reputed strip joint in Los Santos look like? It’s a dilapidated building that looks worse for wear — and there’s a big sign above that says Vanilla Unicorn, emblazoned with, of all things, a unicorn.

That’s how to find the strip club in GTA 5 Online. How lavish, what luxury. Ignore the traffic cone and the overgrown weeds, and the rusted sign. This is it, the Vanilla Unicorn. Now you and yours can stumble through the doors, toss some money around, and wander to our other GTA Online guides because you’re a good sport.

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