The Gooch Outfit in GTA 5 Online.
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GTA Online Gooch: How to Get the Gooch to Spawn During the Winter Event

The Gooch is going to punch you in the face, but you can get him back and steal his Gooch Outfit while you're at it.

There are a lot of things going on in Grand Theft Auto Online for the winter event, but we only have until just after New Year to get them done. One of many unique cosmetics we can get this year is the Gooch Outfit, but you’ll have to fight for it. Here’s how to find the Gooch in GTA 5 Online.

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How to Get the Gooch Outfit in GTA 5 Online

Over the event in 2022, we could get the Gooch Mask of this blue jerk. This year, we can get the whole outfit off of him if he’s dumb enough to come for us. And he is. You just have to be online for long enough to get him to come out of hiding to steal your money and snacks. Make sure you have snacks in your inventory to entice him over.

The Gooch knocking out the player in GTA Online.
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To get the Gooch to spawn in GTA Online, you’ll need to be logged into server with more than just you on it for at least 48 minutes in real time, which equates to 24 hours in Los Santos. Sometime after a full day has passed, the Gooch will run up, knock you out, and steal some of your money and snacks. Then it’s go time.

You need to get your stuff back from the Gooch, so chase him down once he knocks you out and steals your stuff. Kill the dumb blue man with a barrage of shots, and he’ll drop your goodies along with his outfit. At least, I think it’s his outfit. It just looks like him, so maybe you’re actually taking his skin. In any case, pick up the gift box he drops to get it and your items and money back.

The Gooch knocked out in GTA 5 Online.
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That’s it for how to find the Gooch and how to get the Gooch Outfit in GTA 5 Online. There’s more to do leading up to and after Christmas in GTA Online, though. Check out our snowman locations guide, how to get the Yeti Outfit, our guide to the Happy Holidays Hauler route, or one of our many other Grand Theft Auto Online guides.

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