Take a tour around Los Santos and collect your daily rewards with the help of our guide to all G's Caches locations in GTA Online.

GTA Online: Where to Find All of G’s Caches

Take a tour around Los Santos and collect your daily rewards with the help of our guide to all G's Caches locations in GTA Online.

The Los Santos Drug War update for GTA Online will now give you daily rewards based on finding G’s Caches hidden in various locations around the city. There are 15 to find, and the spots change daily. This guide will tell you their locations.

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Where to Find All of G’s Caches

To find one of G’s Caches on any given day, you’ll need to do the following: 

  1. Enter the “Free Mode” in multiplayer.
  2. Open your world map.
  3. Look out for a purple marker with a question mark on the map.
  4. Travel to the marker location, and look out for the cardboard box.

Once you arrive at the marker location, a white circle will appear on the map covering a roughly 70-meter radius. The rewards box will spawn randomly within that circle.

Each box will contain random amounts of the following rewards:

  • Ammo.
  • Snacks.
  • Reputation points.
  • Cash ($15,000 – $22,500).

G’s Caches Location 1

The first cache can be found south of Pyrite Avenue in the Paleto Bay region on the northern portion of the map.

G’s Caches Location 2

Check the area around Procopio Promenade in the Paleto Forest region for this cache location.

G’s Caches Location 3

The next box can potentially be found around Alamo Sea, in the Galilee area along the North Calafia Way.

G’s Caches Location 4

The next cache can be found east, near the San Chianski Mountain Range; check the area around Union Road.

G’s Caches Location 5

South of the Sandy Shores region, look around the Nowhere Road for another cache location.

G’s Caches Location 6

To the south of Zancudo River, you can potentially find another cache around Route 68 highway.

G’s Caches Location 7

Once you arrive at the Vinewood Hills, raid the area around West Galileo Avenue.

G’s Caches Location 8

The next spot can potentially be at the entrance of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station on the east side of the map.

G’s Caches Location 9

On the opposite side of the map, look around Richman Street and its adjacent driveway.

G’s Caches Location 10

Once you’re in the city, go to Vespucci Canal and check the area south of San Andreas Avenue.

G’s Caches Location 11

Then, head over to the Vespucci Beach for another cache in the Magellan Avenue area.

G’s Caches Location 12

Another cache spot is Legion Square in the downtown area, right between Elgin and Strawberry Avenues.

G’s Caches Location 13

One of the last areas of the city that you should check is Mirror Park and the adjacent boulevard.

G’s Caches Location 14

If you check the pier in the Chumash region, you might find another cache sitting in the open.

G’s Caches Location 15

Finally, travel to El Burro Heights and look for the very last cache location at El Burro Boulevard.

Those are all G’s Caches locations in GTA Online. If you found this guide helpful, take a look at our other GTA Online tips and tricks articles.

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