Guess The 90’s! Answer Guide for Levels 51 Through 60

An answer guide for levels 51 to 60 for Guess The 90's.

Guess The 90’s is back at it again! What seems to be Random Logic’s current most popular game has packed in extra levels on top of the initial 40.

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This time around we will be going through level 51 all the way up to level 60, the current last level of the game. Interestingly enough, I feel I had an easier time with these levels than some of the earlier ones.

There are no pictures this time around. I know it looks nice, but Random Logic tend to change the pictures on their questions and we don’t want any confusion. To compensate, as with my Guess The 80’s and Millennium guides, each answer’s category is listed.

You can click these links to be taken down directly to the levels you are looking for:

Level 51 ~ Level 52 ~ Level 53 ~ Level 54 ~ Level 55 ~ Level 56 ~ Level 57 ~ Level 58 ~ Level 59 ~ Level 60

If you are looking for the answers to the game’s lower levels, you can find them in the links below.

Level 51 Answers

 Level 51 Stages  Category  Answer
Level 51-1 Computer Internet Explorer
Level 51-2 Music Jay Z
Level 51-3 Athlete Derek Jeter
Level 51-4 Music Meat Loaf
Level 51-5 Music Ricky Martin
Level 51-6 Music Mase
Level 51-7 TV Shows Murder She Wrote
Level 51-8 Music Lenny Kravitz
Level 51-9 Music Seal
Level 51-10 Athlete Brett Favre


Level 52 Answers

 Level 52 Stages Category  Answer
Level 52-1 Toys Double Jam Basketball
Level 52-2 Athlete Deion Sanders
Level 52-3 TV Shows Murphy Brown
Level 52-4 Movies Stuart Little
Level 52-5 Music Destinys Child
Level 52-6 Automotive Escalade
Level 52-7 Famous People Whitney Houston
Level 52-8 Movies Dick Tracy
Level 52-9 Actor Kelsey Grammer
 Level 52-10 Character Brenda Walsh


Level 53 Answers

 Level 3 Stages Category  Answer
Level 53-1 Clothing & Accessories Miniskirt
Level 53-2 Video Games Myst
Level 53-3 Athlete Mark Messier
Level 53-4 Automotive BMW Z3
Level 53-5 Music Prince
Level 53-6 Automotive Pontiac Firebird
Level 53-7 Actor Michael J Fox
Level 53-8 Music The Fugees
Level 53-9 Music Matchbox Twenty
Level 53-10 Music Elton John


Level 54 Answers

 Level 4 Stages Category  Answer
Level 54-1 Movies White Men Cant Jump
Level 54-2 Music Guns n Roses
Level 54-3 Music Melissa Etheridge
Level 54-4 Music Kriss Kross
Level 54-5 Music Pearl Jam
Level 54-6 Video Games Gran Turismo
Level 54-7 TV Shows Just Shoot Me
Level 54-8 Music Alanis Morissette
Level 54-9 Actor Al Pacino
Level 54-10 Famous People OJ Simpson


Level 55 Answers

 Level 55 Stages Category  Answer
Level 55-1 Movies The Waterboy
Level 55-2 Famous People Ross Perot
Level 55-3 Music TLC
Level 55-4 Movies Twister
Level 55-5 TV Shows The Cosby Show
Level 55-6 Actor Kevin Costner
Level 55-7 Famous People Monica Lewinsky
Level 55-8 Music R Kelly
Level 55-9 Movies The Addams Family
Level 55-10 Athlete Patrick Ewing


Level 56 Answers

 Level 56 Stages  Category  Answer
Level 56-1 Character Kramer
Level 56-2 Movies Mrs Doubtfire
Level 56-3 Candy Warheads
Level 56-4 Music Smashing Pumpkins
Level 56-5 Athlete Pete Rose
Level 56-6 Actor Robin Williams
Level 56-7 Actor Chuck Norris
Level 56-8 Music Snap
Level 56-9 Movies Tommy Boy
Level 56-10 Music Notorious BIG


Level 57 Answers

 Level 57 Stages Category  Answer
Level 57-1 Toys Megazord
Level 57-2 Movies Waterworld
Level 57-3 Food & Drinks Fruit by The Foot
Level 57-4 Athlete Steve Young
Level 57-5 TV Shows Coach
Level 57-6 Music En Vogue
Level 57-7 Toys Fantastic Flowers
Level 57-8 Athlete Mike Tyson
Level 57-9 Character Donna Martin
 Level 57-10 Character Screech


Level 58 Answers

 Level 58 Stages Category  Answer
Level 58-1 New Technology Caller ID
Level 58-2 Character Dr Evil
Level 58-3 Character Dawson Leery
Level 58-4 Music Michael Jackson
Level 58-5 Athlete Randy Johnson
Level 58-6 Movies Batman Forever
Level 58-7 Athlete Penny Hardaway
Level 58-8 Music Duran Duran
Level 58-9 Tech & Electronics Videonow
Level 58-10 Actor Anthony Hopkins


Level 59 Answers

 Level 59 Stages Category  Answer
Level 59-1 Music Madonna
Level 59-2 Movies Hook
Level 59-3 Music Tracy Chapman
Level 59-4 Music U2
Level 59-5 Video Games Super Mario 64
Level 59-6 Computer ICQ
Level 59-7 TV Shows Picket Fences
Level 59-8 Music Color Me Badd
Level 59-9 Video Games Kirbys Dreamland
Level 59-10 Character Geoffrey


Level 60 Answers

 Level 60 Stages Category  Answer
Level 60-1 Music Beck
Level 60-2 Actress Gillian Anderson
Level 60-3 Music Paula Cole
Level 60-4 Character Brandon Walsh
Level 60-5 Actor Ted Danson
Level 60-6 Vice President Dan Quayle
Level 60-7 Music Michael Bolton
Level 60-8 Music Phil Collins
Level 60-9 Automotive Lincoln Navigator
Level 60-10 Movies The Mask

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