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Guess The 90’s! Guide with Pictures – Levels 1 Through 10

An answer guide for levels 1 to 10 for Guess The 90's.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Guess The 90’s isn’t easy, but don’t worry, I’ve got your back. All of the game’s 40 levels and their answers have been clearly labelled right next to their in-game pictures. Convenience!

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So what is Guess The 90’s?

Just the game that takes you back to a more EXTREME time. Take a crack and guessing some of the most popular toys, TV shows, movies, and celebrities of the decade. Keeping a list of answers on-hand might be cheating a bit, but who cares as long as you get to have fun?

(I have also worked up a Guess The 80′s answer guide and a Guess The Millennium answer guide.)

Some things were changed during the latest update! They have been updated or noted in the listings.

Along with the first 10 levels, we also have identical guides for levels 11 to 40. They can be found at these links:

And lastly, if you are looking for a particular level within the 1 through 10 range, you can click any one of these links to be taken to it directly:

Level 1 ~ Level 2 ~ Level 3 ~ Level 4 ~ Level 5 ~ Level 6 ~ Level 7 ~ Level 8 ~ Level 9 ~ Level 10

Level 1 Answers

 Level 1 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 1-1 Full House
Level 1-2 Pogs
Level 1-3 Silly Putty
Level 1-4 Boombox
Level 1-5 Curly Sue
Level 1-6 Rugrats
Level 1-7 Nsync
Level 1-8 Slap Bracelets
Level 1-9 Britney Spears
Level 1-10

Beanie Babies


Level 2 Answers

 Level 2 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 2-1 Bill Nye
Level 2-2 Pokemon Cards
Level 2-3 Saved By The Bell
Level 2-4 Gushers
Level 2-5 The Amanda Show
Level 2-6 Tamagotchi
Level 2-7 Backstreet Boys
Level 2-8 Friends
Level 2-9 Skip It
Level 2-10



Level 3 Answers

 Level 3 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 3-1 Hit Clips
Level 3-2 Magic School Bus
Level 3-3 Hanson
Level 3-4 Bugle Boy Jeans
Level 3-5 Lite Brite
Level 3-6 Doc Martens
Level 3-7 Family Matters
Level 3-8 Pager (Pic changed in-game)
Level 3-9 Furby
Level 3-10



Level 4 Answers

 Level 4 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 4-1 Super Soaker
Level 4-2 Spice Girls
Level 4-3 Dharma and Greg
Level 4-4 Treasure Trolls
Level 4-5 Moon Shoes
Level 4-6 Power Rangers
Level 4-7 Mall Madness
Level 4-8 Blossom
Level 4-9 98 Degrees
Level 4-10

Easy Bake Oven


Level 5 Answers

 Level 5 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 5-1 TMNT
Level 5-2 Ouija Board
Level 5-3 Jesse Camp
Level 5-4 Doogie Howser
Level 5-5 Mickey Mouse Club
Level 5-6 LFO
Level 5-7 Dinosaurs
Level 5-8 Polly Pocket
Level 5-9 Dream Phone
Level 5-10



Level 6 Answers

 Level 6 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 6-1 Doug
Level 6-2 Lisa Frank
Level 6-3 Ace of Base
Level 6-4 Tonya Harding
Level 6-5 Eureekas Castle
Level 6-6 Tiger Beat
Level 6-7 Creepers
Level 6-8 The Matrix
Level 6-9 Guts
Level 6-10

Oregon Trail


Level 7 Answers

 Level 7 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 7-1 Fresh Prince
Level 7-2 Skechers
Level 7-3 Dawsons Creek
Level 7-4 Chris Farley
Level 7-5 Carmen Sandiego
Level 7-6 Gak
Level 7-7 Devon Sawa
Level 7-8 Boy Meets World
Level 7-9 Brooke Shields
Level 7-10

Steve Urkel


Level 8 Answers

 Level 8 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 8-1 Koosh Ball
Level 8-2 Ring Pops
Level 8-3 The Sandlot
Level 8-4 Super Nintendo
Level 8-5 Titanic
Level 8-6 The Simpsons
Level 8-7 Tales From The Crypt
Level 8-8 Will Smith
Level 8-9 Andrew Keegan
Level 8-10

Double Dare


Level 9 Answers

 Level 9 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 9-1 The Ricki Lake Show
Level 9-2 Baywatch
Level 9-3 Al Bundy
Level 9-4 Floppy Disk (Pic changed in-game.)
Level 9-5 Game Boy
Level 9-6 Trapper Keeper
Level 9-7 Hocus Pocus
Level 9-8 Muzzy
Level 9-9 Jerry Springer
Level 9-10



Level 10 Answers

 Level 10 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 10-1 Tom Green
Level 10-2 Bop It
Level 10-3 Talkboy
Level 10-4 Pamela Anderson
Level 10-5 The Craft
Level 10-6 Duck Tales
Level 10-7 Sega Dreamcast
Level 10-8  No pic, sorry! Shaggy
Level 10-9 Wheres Waldo
Level 10-10

Bob Ross


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