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Guess The 90’s! Guide with Pictures – Levels 31 Through 40

An answer guide for levels 31 to 40 for Guess The 90's.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Having some trouble with Guess The 90’s? Fear not, for I have taken care of that little issue for you!

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This Guess The 90’s guide provides not only the answers, but the pictures to go with them for those looking for a more visual approach. Each of the answers are clearly labelled, easy to read, and easy to browse.

We also have identical guides for levels other than levels 31 through 40. They can be found at these links:

And finally! If you are looking for a particular level within the 31 through 40 range, you can click any one of these links to be taken to it directly:

Level 31 ~ Level 32 ~ Level 33 ~ Level 34 ~ Level 35 ~ Level 36 ~ Level 37 ~ Level 38 ~ Level 39 ~ Level 40

Level 31 Answers

 Level 31 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 31-1 Hannibal Lecter
Level 31-2 Heavenly Creatures
Level 31-3 Dear Diary
Level 31-4 Push Pop
Level 31-5 Sixth Sense
Level 31-6 Con Air
Level 31-7 Thelma
Level 31-8 Generation X
Level 31-9 Mr Bean
Level 31-10

Starship Troopers


Level 32 Answers

 Level 32 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 32-1 Joe Boxer
Level 32-2 Bill Murray
Level 32-3 Mia Hamm
Level 32-4 Wild at Heart
Level 32-5 Iceberg
Level 32-6 Super Jeopardy
Level 32-7 Guzzler
Level 32-8 Zinedine Zidane
Level 32-9 Kid Pix
Level 32-10



Level 33 Answers

 Level 33 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 33-1 Unforgiven
Level 33-2 Karl Kani
Level 33-3 Sharon Stone
Level 33-4 Toy Story
Level 33-5 Janet Jackson
Level 33-6 Eric Cantona
Level 33-7 Capri Sun
Level 33-8 Crocodile Mile
Level 33-9 Andre Agassi
Level 33-10



Level 34 Answers

 Level 34 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 34-1 Redman
Level 34-2 Monica Seles
Level 34-3 John Elway
Level 34-4 Princess Mononoke
Level 34-5 Eddie Bauer
Level 34-6 No pic, sorry!  Point Break
Level 34-7 Ghost World
Level 34-8 CK1
Level 34-9 Jostein Gaarder
Level 34-10

Mighty Max


Level 35 Answers

 Level 35 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 35-1 Tyra Banks
Level 35-2 Powerpuff Girls
Level 35-3 Beverly Peele
Level 35-4 Friday
Level 35-5 River Phoenix
Level 35-6 No pic, sorry! Sockem Boppers
Level 35-7 Andy Dufresne
Level 35-8 Helen Fielding
Level 35-9 Ronaldo
Level 35-10

Arsenio Hall


Level 36 Answers

 Level 36 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 36-1 Real Monsters
Level 36-2 Shania Twain
Level 36-3 Spin City
Level 36-4 Snardvark
Level 36-5 Toni Braxton
Level 36-6 High Fidelity
Level 36-7 Micro Machines
Level 36-8 Oakley
Level 36-9 Hang Time
Level 36-10

The Big Lebowski


Level 37 Answers

 Level 37 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 37-1 Ken Griffey Jr
Level 37-2 Hey Arnold
Level 37-3 Boogie Nights
Level 37-4 Yogi Bear
Level 37-5 Zack Morris
Level 37-6 Terminator
Level 37-7 Snoop Dogg
Level 37-8 Yikes Pencil
Level 37-9 Naomi Campbell
Level 37-10

Puppy Surprise


Level 38 Answers

 Level 38 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 38-1 Skippy Squeeze It
Level 38-2 Ally Mcbeal
Level 38-3 Coogi
Level 38-4 Jansport
Level 38-5 Road Runner
Level 38-6 Bubble Tape
Level 38-7 Airwalk
Level 38-8 Pauly Shore
Level 38-9 Will and Grace
Level 38-10

Nerf Guns


Level 39 Answers

 Level 39 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 39-1 Caboodle
Level 39-2 Good Will Hunting
Level 39-3 Eyes Wide Shut
Level 39-4 Dennis Rodman
Level 39-5 Dragon Flyz
Level 39-6 Coke Vanilla
Level 39-7 Scooby Doo
Level 39-8 Lauryn Hill
Level 39-9 Stanley Ipkiss
Level 39-10



Level 40 Answers

 Level 40 Stages  Images  Answer
Level 40-1 Dru Hill
Level 40-2 Stanley Yelnats
Level 40-3 Chain Wallet (Pic changed in-game.)
Level 40-4 Stephanie Seymour
Level 40-5 Gshock
Level 40-6 Diablo
Level 40-7 Jetsons
Level 40-8 Out of Sight
Level 40-9 Street Fighter
Level 40-10

Mood Ring


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