Wondering where all of the collectibles are in the Tower in Halo Infinite? This locations guide shows you how to find them all.

Halo Infinite: All Tower Collectibles & Locations

Wondering where all of the collectibles are in the Tower in Halo Infinite? This locations guide shows you how to find them all.

There are six Tower collectibles in Halo Infinite. Most of these hidden items are relatively easy to get — except for one of the locations. Like the Skull in Foundation, reaching the one found during this mission also requires expert use of the Grapple Hook, and you must have the Quickshot upgrade, which costs 2 Spartan Cores. 

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In the Tower, you’ll find six total collectibles: 2x Spartan Cores, 1x Banished Audio Log1x UNSC Audio Log, 1x Mjolnir Armor Locker, and 1x Skull

Remember that you can use Scan to look for collectibles in the immediate surrounding area. Press “Z” on PC (mouse and keyboard) and down on the directional pad on controller. Collectibles like Audio Logs will light up with orange outlines, and Skulls will show up as blue dots. 

All Halo Infinite Tower Collectibles Locations

Banished Audio Log — Escharum’s Testimony: Harbinger

Use your Grapple Shot to vault the front gate of the Tower, and go straight until you can only go right or left. Go right, and follow the path forward. There will be a large open container to your right and smaller one directly in front of you. The Banished Audio Log collectible is inside that container, along the right wall. 

Spartan Core 1

From the Banished Audio Log collectible, go into the center of the area underneath the Tower. There, you’ll see some prisoners on the right side of the area. There are two open medium-sized open containers just beyond the prisoners, one with its door facing you and another with its door facing away from you. The Spartan Core collectible is in the container facing away from you.

Mjolnir Armor Locker

With your back to the Security room in which you deactivate the lockdown, and facing toward the center of the area, go along the left side of the area. Hug the left side of the cliff as the path goes downward. Go toward the western edge of the Tower to find this Mjolnir Amor Locker collectible tucked almost underneath it.

UNSC Audio Log — The Prisoner: What Was Inside

After lifting the lockdown, go back to the center area of the Tower, activate the gravity lift, and go up. Investigate the Mjolnir upgrade, then go through the door to the right. Follow the path to the left. Go left at the top. 

After the path curves to the right (past the yellow Blast Coil on the right side), look in the alcove on the right. The UNSC Audio Log collectible is on the floor, behind a pillar. 

Spartan Core 2

From the UNSC Audio Log, continue toward the objective marker. Go up to the third floor of the Tower, and go right at the top. Follow the path around, and look for an alcove on the left with the Spartan Core collectible. Use your scan here to highlight the chest.


  • Skull effect: “Rare combat dialogue becomes more common.”

The IWHBYD Skull collectible is found on the outside of the Tower and requires an upgraded Grapple Shot to reach. Use the Spartan Cores you find in this mission to buy the Quickshot upgrade, which reduces the Grapple Shot cooldown by 40%. 

When you exit the Tower after the boss fight, use the Grapple Shot to climb either leg of the Tower toward this collectible. You may need to drop to the ground and climb from the bottom to get a good grapple point. Ascend the Tower, always aiming up and activating the Grapple Shot when the crosshair turns yellow. 

At the top, go to the center platform to find the Skull collectible sitting on a metal crate in the middle. 

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