This complete walkthrough guide for Hello Neighbor 2 tells you how to complete each of the puzzles in Act 5 and escape the final boss in the museum.

Hello Neighbor 2 Complete Act 5 Walkthrough Guide

This complete walkthrough guide for Hello Neighbor 2 tells you how to complete each of the puzzles in Act 5 and escape the final boss in the museum.

Hello Neighbor 2 Act 5 begins differently than the previous four chapters. Instead of waking in your bed at the television station, you begin in a cage in the Museum’s attic. Your task is to escape confinement and elude the final boss, Peterson (surprise!). You start without any tools; anything you had on you while solving the puzzles in the Museum during Act 4 is gone. 

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This walkthrough guide leads you through the final stage of Hello Neighbor 2, telling you how to solve the chapter’s small handful of puzzles and provides tips on escaping the final boss. 

Hello Neighbor 2 Act 5 Walkthrough

Facing the cage door and the multi-colored cage lock, turn left and go to the bedside table with the lamp by the bed. Grab the scissors there, and cut the cobwebs off of the cage door lock so you can input the code once you find it.

Hello Neighbor 2 Act 5 Cage Code Answer

The cage code can be puzzled out by looking around the room for numbers written on five multi-colored blocks, each corresponding to one of the colored discs on the combination lock.

  • Block 5 (purple) and Block 7 (green) can be found on the board game on the floor by the gate.

  • Block 2 (blue) can be found on the headboard of the bed. Block 3 (orange) can be found on the inside of the curtain by the bed.

  • 0 (red) can be found on the digital clock on the table by the bed.

With that information, the cage code answer is: 75203. However, since the lock works from the opposite side, 75203 needs to show on the other side of the gate, as if you were opening it from the outside, not on the side you’re facing. That means the code from your perspective inside the cage should be backwards: 30257.

Before leaving the caged room, grab the switch handle from the lizard hand emerging from the sheet by the candles across from the board game.

Now exit the cage, and stay on the right side, toward the plague doctor painting. Cut the cobwebs on the wall to the right of the painting, and combine the switch handle with the switch plate. Pull the switch to reveal a secret door.

Go through the opening and past the top of the large plague doctor statue rising through the floor. Crouch to keep Peterson from hearing you, open the trapdoor in the floor to its right, and drop down into the gear room (the room with the bookcase puzzle from Act 4) on the Museum’s second story Grab the crowbars off the table where you found the wrench, then exit the room. Release yourself from the bear trap when it snags you on the other side.

How to Escape the Final Boss in the Museum

As you explore, you’ll find plenty of bear traps slowing your progress, as well as creaky floorboards and glass that give away your position. You’ll also quickly discover that Peterson now has super-human speed, sight, and hearing. Crouch walk while keeping a lookout for traps, floorboard, and glass, and keep a close eye on Peterson’s patrol pattern. A typical pattern looks something like this.

  • Peterson sits in his chair by the fireplace.
  • Walks to the right side of the first floor (your left if looking down from the second floor).
  • Enters the hallway behind the fireplace leading to the garage.
  • Walks to the front door of the Museum.
  • Climbs the stairs to the second story.
  • Patrols by the gear door and taxidermied animals.
  • Walks down the left side of the second story path.
  • Stands near the TV on the second story where you found the antenna.

How to Get the Wrench in Act 5

To progress, you’ll need to loosen three bolts: one on the fire extinguisher case opposite the door leading to the garage and two on the metal guard in front of the fireplace. The problem (and really unfun part of this final Act) is that the wrench is in Peterson’s back left pocket, and you have to lift it from him. No small feat.

Beware the creaky floors, traps, and glass on the floor and try to wait until Peterson stands either by the TV upstairs or near the door leading to the garage hallway downstairs. The best tactic, I found, is to use the hidey hole by the fireplace.

Wait for Peterson to enter the garage hallway, then, with the fireplace on your left, exit the hidey hole right, and step on the glass by the display case with the yellow crowbar.

Wait for Peterson to run out, then an additional two to three seconds. He’ll stop on the glass to look around. Take the opportunity to grab the wrench and duck back into the hidey hole, Peterson none the wiser.

How to Get the Red Fireplace Key

However it happens, once you have the wrench, use it to grab the fire extinguisher first, then unbolt the metal guard on the fireplace. Use the fire extinguisher to put out the flames and grab the red key dangling inside.

Now just wait for Peterson to go back upstairs. Run over to the main entrance, use the key on the lock, and pry the two boards off the door with the crowbar. Open the door to trigger a cutscene. And that’s it! You’ve completed Hello Neighbor 2 Act 5 and beaten the game. 

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