Hellpoint Guide: How to Find the Health Module

Grab the Health Module early with this quick Hellpoint walkthrough guide.

Grab the Health Module early with this quick Hellpoint walkthrough guide.

Every little bit helps in a game like Hellpoint. Though not as hard as the games that inspired it, such as Dark Souls or Bloodborne, Hellpoint can be difficult nonetheless. That’s where something like the Health Module upgrade comes into play.

One of several Body Modules, the Health Module does exactly what it sounds like it does: it “provides a slight boost to Health.” Behind the Axion Condenser, it’s the second Body Module you can pick up.

Though it’s easy to miss, the Health Module can be picked up very early in the game. This quick walkthrough guide will tell you where to find it. 

Hellpoint Health Module Location

Go to the Arcology Customs Bridge Breach. This is the Breach that you unlock right after you beat the Celestial Beast in the Arcology. This is also the breach near the Command Console that opens the door to the lower levels of the Arcology.

With the Breach to your back, look to the left side of the area. You will see a set of stairs and steam rising from a vent. There is a door behind the steam. Go inside that door. 

The spawn in front of the Arcology Customs Bridge breach, wearing white armor and holding an blue axe and tower shield.

When you enter, you will find a sealed door. However, there is a switch just to the right of the door. Hit the switch, open the door, and follow the path to the end. Eventually, you will come to a dead-end, where you’ll find a raised slab and a lootbox. 

Grab the box to get the Health Module upgrade. 

And that’s how to find the Health Module in Hellpoint. Super easy, but also super easy to miss. I didn’t pick this module up until about three hours into the game when I was backtracking for the Blacksmith.

Though the Health Module doesn’t provide a lot of extra health, it’s worth grabbing as soon as you can. For more on Hellpoint, be sure to check our other guides and walkthroughs

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