Hellpoint Guide: How to Find the Blacksmith

Here's how to find Hellpoint's blacksmith, who can craft some of the game's strongest weapons.

Hellpoint has several powerful weapons that can be made from cosmic god pieces that you will find throughout the game. You will craft those weapons at the blacksmith. However, the blacksmith can be hard to find. 

You will need to play past the Sohn District and defeat the Congregators boss, which is located there. This guide will lead you through it. 

How to Find the Blacksmith in Hellpoint

Travel to the Arcology from the Observatory. You will need to defeat the Celestial Beast boss. It can be found on the area's bridge; it is impossible to miss because it completely blocks your progress in the area until you defeat it. 

After defeating the Celestial Beast, activate the command console behind the breach. The Blacksmith is through the door directly behind the console, but the elevator doesn't currently work. 

Instead, use the command console to open the door to the left. Go through the door and all of the way through the area that follows until you can enter the Sohn District

In the Sohn District, defeat the Congregators boss (the only boss in the area). After defeating the boss, go up the stairs in the back of the room. You will emerge into a large open area. In front of you to the left, there are large lamposts surrounding a descending pathway with a yellow light. It goes down to a tram. Take it down and turn left. 

The spawn standing in a large, stone square looking toward a stairwell surrounded in bright lamposts.

Follow the path past the tram, all the way down. You will descend another set of stairs and continue down the path. After a while, you will come to a shaft with broken platforms. Jump down the platforms and continue along the path. You will then come to a door leading back into the Arcology.

On the other side, you will see an elevator in front of you. Use that elevator to go to the second floor. Once you arrive on the second floor, the elevator will stop and you can exit forward or back. Take the path with the stairs leading up

Defeat the enemies in the square below, and go through the door and through the next room. You will enter a dark area with bookshelves and a breach. Use the breach and ascend the stairs to the left of the breach. Go all the way to the top. 

The spawn standing in a large, dark library looking at a tall metal stairwell near a yellow and purple breach.

Blacksmith Conversation Options

Inside a small chamber at the top, you will find an NPC. This is the Blacksmith. Speak with him, and he will ask if you want to kill him. You will get three answers to choose from:

  1. "I think I'll save us both some time and kill you here."
  2. "I have no intention of murdering you."
  3. "Why do they want you dead."

If you want the Blacksmith to craft special weapons and gear for you, then select the second answer.

After another short conversation, he will ask you to hand him boss fragments. If you have them, he will be able to craft you the following items in exchange:

  • Ozy's Hand (melee weapon)
  • Uthos Gavel (melee weapon)
  • Nemundis Oculus (melee weapon)
  • Light Striker (melee weapon)
  • Interface Headgear

That's all you need to know about finding the Blacksmith in Hellpoint so you can craft special weapons and gear. Be sure to check out more Hellpoint guides and tips right here.


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Published Aug. 19th 2020

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