Find a broom to your taste or surprise everyone with a rare broom using this guide.

Hogwarts Legacy Best Brooms Ranked

Find a broom to your taste or surprise everyone with a rare broom using this guide.

There are 13 brooms in Hogwarts Legacy and all of them have the same basic functionality, but not all are equal among the game’s community. Our guide will provide you with a ranked tier list of the best brooms in Hogwarts Legacy based on their popularity among the community and rarity.

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Hogwarts Legacy: S-Tier Brooms

Bright Spark Broom

This particular broom is adorned with bright shiny stars that make it look especially enticing in the clear nightsky.

Bright Spark Broom can be obtained as a reward for completing the first three Pop Balloon challenges, as well as popping an additional 15 sets of balloons for a total of 32 popped balloon sets.

You can read more on how to pop balloons in Hogwarts Legacy in our guide right here.

Ember Dash Broom

If you like to see your broom emit flames of fire when flying in the sky, then this broom should be your number one choice.

Ember Dash Broom can be purchased for 600 Gold Galleons from Albie Weekes, who resides in the Spintwitches Sporting Needs, which is a store located in Hogsmeade.

Moon Trimmer Broom

If you find all the fiery shenanigans of the Ember Dash Broom too much for you, then opt for the Moon Trimmer Broom, which carries a small lantern in the front. It not only looks cute, but is actually useful lighting your way ahead at night.

This broom can also be purchased from the Spintwitches Sporting Needs for 600 Gold Galleons.

Hogwarts Legacy: A-Tier Brooms

Aeromancer Broom

Some brooms can be purchased only from wandering merchants, but they are much more expensive and thus are a tier lower than other popular brooms in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Aeromancer broom has a cool little cauldron attached to it, which would be a perfect choice for witches and wizards who use the Dark Arts. The downside is it costs you 3,000 Gold Galleons.

You can buy it only from the wandering merchant Rohan Prakash, who can be seen to the southeast of the Cragcroft Shore Floo Flame in the Cragcroftshire region.

Silver Arrow Broom

This one is for those who want a totally unique broom that was designed by the famous Leonard Jewkes, a broom-maker who first appeared in the book Quidditch Through the Ages.

This broom is one of the two most expensive brooms in the game, and it costs 5,000 Gold Galleons. It can be purchased only from the goblin painter named Arn. Before you can buy it you will have to complete his quest “Carted Away” in Lower Hogsfield.

Also, note that Silver Arrow broom may not immediately appear in the Arn’s shop, even after you’ve completed his quest. So keep coming back to the shop to see if the broom has become available.

Hogwarts Legacy: B-Tier Brooms

Sky Scythe Broom

This broom has an impressive design, but it is super expensive at 5,000 Gold Galleons. It can be purchased only from Leopold Babcocke, although players who want to have a truly unique broom may still want to try to get it.

The merchant who sells this broom can be found to the southeast of the Hogsmeade Valley Floo Flame. You don’t have to complete any quests here, as is the case with the Silver Arrow broom, but you may also find that it’s not available right away. If it’s not there, come back later to see if it’s available. You may need to do so a few times.

Family Antique Broom

Family Antique Broom is the oldest broom in the game, which was passed from one generation of witches to the other. Note that this broom has no decorations.

It can be purchased only from Priya Treadwell for 2,500 gold. Her shop can be located to the southwest from the Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame. You may not find it there the first time around, but after an attempt or two, the broom should become available for purchase.

Those are the best brooms in Hogwarts Legacy. Stay tuned for more Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks articles. If you’re running into the blue characters bug, we’ve got a fix for that. We’ve also covered the black screen bug and provided potential solutions for the game crashing on PC.

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