Hogwarts Legacy Blue Characters Bug Fix

Wondering how to fix blue characters and yellow objects in Hogwarts Legacy? There's one option you'll need to change.

The Hogwarts Legacy blue characters bug seems to be a glitch with the game that's affecting both Xbox and PlayStation players. According to many on Reddit and elsewhere, it primarily shows up during the game's prologue, though it can theoretically appear at any time. I've not personally experienced the issue in my time traipsing through Hogwarts as a witch or wizard, but if you're here, you're wondering: "Why are my characters blue in Hogwarts Legacy?"

Hogwarts Legacy Blue Characters Bug Explained

The bright blue characters, yellow object colors, and green NPCs are an accessibility feature for the visually impaired that's built into Hogwarts Legacy. The high contrast of these colors helps differentiate the player character model from important pieces of the environment from a gameplay perspective. However, seeing the feature in action can be jarring for those who aren't visually impaired, especially if they didn't intend to turn it on in the first place. 

Blue characters and yellow objects appear in Hogwarts Legacy when the High Contrast Gameplay option is turned on in the game's accessibility options submenu. The colors are even more vibrant because the option covers the background in a gray overlay. 

When you begin Hogwarts Legacy, you have the option to turn on this functionality, and if you've perused the accessibility menu, it's possible to have accidentally turned it on since the controls can be quite sensitive. It's also possible that you randomly run into a bug that turns it on while playing on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, which seems to be the case for some.

How to Fix the Blue Characters Bug in Hogwarts Legacy

Screenshot by GameSkinny

To fix the blue characters issue in Hogwarts Legacy, which seems to be primarily affecting Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 players, follow these steps:

  • Pause the game.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to Accessibility Options in the menu on the right side (the symbol of the person with outstretched arms).
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom to High Contrast Gameplay.
  • Turn High Contrast Gameplay off (not "on" as in the screenshot above). 

And with thay simple toggle, that's how you fix the blue characters bug in Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox platforms and PlayStation 5. Important objects will no longer be yellow, NPCs won't be green, and the background won't be covered in a dull, gray film. For more tips, including the best performance settings for PC or how to choose your House in the Sorting Ceremony, click those links or apparate over to our guides page

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Published Feb. 8th 2023

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