Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get to the Roof

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get to the roof during the High Keep quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Get to the Roof in Hogwarts Legacy
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The High Keep is one of the most exciting, yet challenging quests in Hogwarts Legacy, requiring the use of complex spell combos and quick thinking. Here’s how to get to the roof and finish up this tough main quest.

How to Get to the Roof During The High Keep in Hogwarts Legacy

In the first half of the High Keep quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll need to find a way to climb the battlements and open the gates for Natty. Once you manage to do this, you’ll then need to get to the roof of Falbarton Castle to rescue Highwing. This is pretty difficult to accomplish if you don’t know what you’re looking for on the path ahead. To make matters worse, this quest is initiated at night when visibility is strained. Because of this, I went back to the location to outline the steps during the day.

Following the cutscene, you won’t be able to enter through the gates straight ahead. Instead, head to the right and climb the wooden ledge off to the side.

Cast Depulso on the crate
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How to Move the Crate Blocking the Lift

On the path forward, you’ll find a lift blocked off by a poorly positioned crate. However, you won’t be able to move it from this spot using Accio or Levioso. To clear the path, cast Depulso. I had to use this spell twice to push the crate far enough to fall through an opening in the floor.

Take the stairs down to reach the crate
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Now that the entry is cleared, you still can’t fit through the opening. Turn right and follow the stairs down to find the crate at the bottom of the lift.

Move and reposition the crate with Accio
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Here, you can cast Accio to move the crate and reposition it. Carefully place it down in front of the stone ledge all the way to your right. From there, you can climb up to the next floor. You can also use Levioso to take a few feet off your jump, but it’s not necessary to reach the ledge.

Climb the crate onto the roof
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Once you’ve reached the top, you will have arrived at your destination. For the most part. All there’s left to do is scour the area ahead to pick up gear and other items, then press on to save Highwing and finish the quest at hand.

That’s how to get to the roof during The High Keep quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Be sure to check out our dedicated guides hub for more tips and quest walkthroughs.

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