Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Horklump Juice

Hogwarts Legacy lets you buy or harvest many potion ingredients. Here's where you can find Horklump Juice for Wiggenweld Potions.

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Horklump Juice is a valuable potion ingredient combined with Dittany Leaves to brew Wiggenweld Potion. In this guide, we’ll go over how to get Horklump Juice in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Get Horklump Juice in Hogwarts Legacy

The easiest way to get Horklump Juice is simply to buy it from vendors such as Parry Pippin at J. Pippin’s Potions in Hogsmeade.

Buying from the shop isn’t the cheapest method, and you’ll notice that Parry has a limited stock of items as well as a restock period. Once you empty his stock, you’ll need to wait a few days before he’ll be able to sell you more.

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Where To Gather Horklump Juice

The second way to get Horklump Juice is to gather it yourself. You’ll tend to find them inside of and around caves and treasure treasure vaults, which have their own marker on your map.

A few quests will send you to locations where Horklump Juice grows — including a main quest — I found my first of these purple, spiky mushroom-like creatures in a cave. You probably will, too.

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One side quest that begins with Sirona and sends you to check on Dorothy Sprottle will end up sending you to a cave known as Horklump Hollow. As the name implies, this location is also a good choice for farming Horklump Juice.

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While Dittany Leaves can be grown in the Room of Requirement and have a fairly short cooldown between harvests. I found that Horklump Juice takes about three days to respawn. This delay gives you time to explore other elements of Hogwarts Legacy and complete side quests like finding Zenobia’s Gobstones, or you can use the downtime to gather more ingredients like Shrivelfig Fruit and brew other potions.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Horklump Juice in Hogwarts Legacy. Check out some of our other Hogwarts Legacy guides for more tips and make the most of your time in-game.

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