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HoloCure: Best Weapon Collabs Tier List

Craft the best weapon collabs in HoloCure with the help of our tier list guide.

There are 23 collab weapons in HoloCure: Save the Fans, which can be crafted at the Golden Anvil, and 4 super collab weapons, which can be crafted using the Golden Hammer. Unfortunately, were nerfed with the last patch, but there are still some really good weapons left. Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best weapon collabs in HoloCure, including their respective crafting recipes.

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Best Weapon Collabs Tier List in HoloCure

S-Tier Weapon Collabs

Ring of Fitness

  • Type: Multishot
  • Collab: Bounce Ball + CEO’s Tears

This is currently the most dangerous weapon in HoloCure! Even though the Ring of Fitness got hit with the nerf bat, it still deals more damage than the weapon that used to hold the top spot, Broken Dreams. Broken Dreams got nerfed even harder than Ring of Fitness, although it can still be viable with a number of character buffs and shop upgrades. There’s a great debate in the HoloCure community regarding these two weapons, but when speaking of pure efficiency and damage, Ring of Fitness stays on top with 200% damage (18-22).

Rap Dog

  • Type: Ranged
  • Collab: X-Potato + Idol Song

Rap Dog is primarily a debuff weapon that throws hot potatoes all around, hitting enemies and making them take 20% more damage from all other sources. It basically reduces enemy armor, which synergizes greatly with the Eldritch Horror collab weapon that not only deals damage but also steals enemy HP. This is also the best collab weapon for Calliope Mori’s Rapper skill, which basically doubles the effect of the Rap Dog. So if you can craft this weapon for Calliope, then do it, as it’s really amazing how well they work together.

A-Tier Weapon Collabs


  • Type: Ranged
  • Collab: Elite Lava Bucket + Psycho Axe

At one point, MiComet dealt 500% damage to enemies on impact! But it’s been nerfed to the ground, and now it deals no more than 300% (27-33). Fortunately, its Lava Pool effect wasn’t nerfed as hard and still agonizes enemies. I highly recommend giving this collab weapon to Hakos Baelz, who has the Absolute Chaos skill and lets the meteor shower from MiComet rain with zero delay. If not for that unforgiving nerf, this would’ve easily been an S-tier collab.

Flattening Board

  • Type: Multishot
  • Collab: Cutting Board + Holo Bomb

Just like MiComet, this weapon was once brutal in its power to squash enemies with a giant cutting board falling from the sky. But the nerfs hit hard this time, and now it has a limit of only 10 targets, which is a shame. I still find it to be a very strong weapon, especially in the hands of Hoshimachi Suisei with her Blocks Master skill, which adds another 250% damage from the falling block.

Elite Cooking

  • Type: Ranged
  • Collab: Elite Lava Bucket + Spider Cooking

Elite Cooking deals a lot less damage than many of the collab weapons in the game, but it hits fast. The critical chance is also always lethal, especially if you give it the Area or Haste bonuses. This is also a great alternative to MiComet for Hakos Baelz character. So I’d recommend Elite Cooking to players who want to target specific enemies, while MiComet is more useful against groups of enemies.

B-Tier Weapon Collabs

Idol Concert

  • Type: Ranged
  • Collab: Glowstick + Idol Song

With the help of a Glowstick, you can craft either a Light Beam or an Idol Concert. Both work in a similar fashion, but Light Beam can deal massive damage within an area of effect, while Idol Concert focuses on a narrow range of enemies. Many players find Idol Concert’s damage a bit too low and Light Beam’s damage is way too random. That’s why I think that Idol Concert is a more focused weapon, although lacking in damage.

Bone Bros.

  • Type: Multishot
  • Collab: Cutting Board + EN’s Curse

Here’s another example of a once incredibly powerful weapon that got completely obliterated by the nerfs. The once famous +1 Projectile enchantment with Bone Bros., which effectively doubled its damage, is no longer viable. But the effect of slashing and bullet damage spreading in opposite directions is still good enough to consider for your secondary collab weapon.

That’s it for our tier list of the best weapon collabs in HoloCure. Stay tuned for more HoloCure: Save the Fans tips and tricks articles right here.

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