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Honkai Star Rail: All Character Talents Ranked

If you're wondering what each character's talents do you've come to the right guide.

Each character in Honkai Star Rail has a unique talent that helps boost their kit. When designing your team, as well as equipping Relics and Light Cones, it’s important to take these talents into consideration. With over 25 characters in game and more being released each patch, keeping all those talents straight can be difficult. Here are all the character talents in HSR, and what they do, ranked.

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All Honkai Star Rail Character Talents Ranked

S-Tier Talents

  • Clara: Because We’re Family
    • Clara is guarded by Svarog, who reduces damage by 10%. He’ll also mark targets and launch Counter that deals 80-200% of Clara’s attack.
  • Blade: Shuhu’s Gift
    • Blade gains a Charge every time he’s hit, up to five. When he reaches max stacks he unleashes his follow up attack which deals a % of his ATK, plus a % of the HP he lost while gaining the Charges. The damage dealt is Wind, which then restores a % of his max HP.
  • Bailu: Gourdful of Elixir
    • When an ally with Invigoration is hit, the ally’s HP is restored for a % of Bailu’s max HP plus 36-184.5 health. This can trigger twice. Additionally, when an ally gets hit with a killing blow, they’ll be healed 12-21% of Bailu’s max HP plus 120-615 HP. This can only trigger once.
  • Preservation Trailblazer: Treasure of the Architects
    • The Trailblazer will gain a stack of Magma Will each time they’re hit, stacking up to eight. When the stacks are at 4 or higher, the Trailblazer’s basic attack becomes enhanced, dealing additional damage to enemies next to the target.
    • When a basic attack, Skill or Ultimate is used, allies gain a two turn shield that absorbs 4-7% of the Trailblazers defense in addition to 20-102.5 damage.
  • Bronya: Leading the Way
    • When using her basic attack she moves her next action up 15-37.5%.
  • Herta: Fine, I’ll Do It Myself
    • When an enemy falls below 50%, Herta follow up attacks with Ice damage dealing 25-47.5% of her attack to all enemies.
  • Jing Yuan: Prana Extirpated
    • Jing Yuan summons the Lightning-Lord who deals 33-82.5% of Jing Yuan’s attack as lightning damage to a random enemy and 25% to flanking enemies.
    • Lightning-Lord can increase his hits per action up to 10, but it’s reset down to 3 after his action ends. Lightning-Lord disappears if Jing Yuan is knocked out, and can’t attack if Jing Yuan can’t attack due to crowd control.

A-Tier Talents

  • Gepard: Unyielding Will
    • When struck with a fatal blow, Gepard will restore 25-62.5% of his max HP instead. Can only trigger once per battle.
  • Himeko: Victory Rush
    • Himeko gains a charge at the start of battle and when an enemy has Weakness Break, stacking up to three charges. When she hits max charges she executes a follow up attack that deals 70-175% of her attack damage to all enemies as fire damage.
  • March 7th: Girl Power
    • Up to two times a turn, when a shielded ally is attacked March 7th uses her follow up attack to deal 50-125% of her attack stat as Ice damage.
  • Asta: Astrometry
    • Asta gains Charging for every enemy she hits, plus an additional stack if they are weak to Fire, up to five stacks. For each stack she increases the parties attack by 7-17.5%. Her stacks reduce by three at the start of her turn.
  • Luocha: Cycle of Life
    • A Field is sent against enemies when Luocha gets two stacks of Abyss Flower. When an enemy in the field is attacked by an ally, the ally is healed a percent of Luocha’s attack plus 60-307.5. The field lasts for two turns unless Luocha is knocked out before then.
  • Natasha: Innervation
    • If an ally’s health is lower than 30% when Natasha heals them, it increases her outgoing healing by 25-62.5%. This applies to her healing over time Skill; Love, Heal, and Choose.
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  • Seele: Resurgence
    • When Seele kills an enemy she enters her Resurgence state, which increases her attack by 40-100% for one turn. She also gets an extra turn during the round. If she kills another enemy while in her Resurgence extra turn she doesn’t gain Resurgence again.
  • Dan Heng: Superiority of Reach
    • When Dan Heng gets buffed, healed or shielded by an ally, his next attack gets an increase of 18-45% to is Wind Resistance Penetration. Can be triggered after two turns.

B-Tier Talents

  • Sushang: Dancing Blade
    • When an enemy has their Weakness Broken, her speed increases by 15+22.5% for 2 turns.
  • Silver Wolf: Awaiting System Response
    • Silver Wolf has a 60-78% chance to plant a random Bug that lasts three turns on the target she attacks.
    • Bug 1: Reduce attack by 5-12.5%
    • Bug 2: Reduce defense by 4-10%
    • Bug 3: Reduce speed by 3-7.5%
  • Qingque: Celestial Jade
    • If Qingque gets a flush in her tiles, she’ll enter her Hidden Hand state which enhances her basic attack Flower Pick to Cherry on Top! This increases her attack 36-90%.
  • Pela: Data Collecting
    • If Pela debuffs an enemy during her attack she restores 5-12.5 Energy. Can only occur once per attack.
  • Luka: Flying Sparks
    • When Fighting Will hits max stacks Luka’s basic attack is enhanced into Sky-Shatter Fist.
  • Serval: Galvanic Chords
    • Deals extra Lightning damage equal to 36-90% of Serval’s attack stat to Shocked enemies after she attacks.
  • Hook: Ha! Oil to the Flames!
    • If Hook attacks a target that is Burning, she deals 50-125% of her attack as extra fire damage. She also gains 5 Energy.
  • Arlan: Pain and Anger
    • Arlan’s damage is increased 36-90% for each percent of health he’s missing.
  • Destruction Trailblazer: Perfect Pickoff
    • Each time the Trailblazer inflicts Weakness Break their attack increases 10-25%, which can stack twice.
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  • Yanqing: One with the Sword
    • Yanqing must have Soulsteel Sync active, which decreases targeting on him from enemies. His Crit Rate and Crit Damage increases and there’s a 50-65% chance he launches into a follow up attack after his initial attack.
    • The follow up attack deals 25-62.5% of his attack as Ice damage and has a 65% chance to Freeze the target for one turn, which inflicts another 25-62.5% of his attack as Ice damage. If he’s attacked Soulsteel Sync ends.
  • Yukong: Seven Layers, One Arrow
    • Yukong’s basic attack deals extra Imaginary damage equal to 40-100% of her attack. It also causes her Toughness-Reducing damage of that attack to be increased to 100%. It can trigger every other turn.
  • Welt: Time Distortion
    • If an enemy is Slowed when attacked by Welt, he’ll deal additional Imaginary damage equal to 30-75% of his attack stat.
  • Tingyun: Violet Sparknado
    • If an ally has Benediction, they’ll deal an additional 30-75% of their attack as Lightning damage to the enemy Tingyun attacked.
  • Sampo: Windtorn Dagger
    • Sampo’s attacks can inflict Wind Shear for three turns, which deals 20-65% of his attack as Wind damage at the beginning of each turn. Wind Shear can stack up to five times.
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While these are the rankings of the game’s best talents, if you create a team based around character talents, none of them are especially weak.

The Preservation Trailblazer, Bailu, Natasha, and more could work well with Dan Heng, which Hook can feed off of Astra’s Fire damage for her talent. Yanqing’s Soulssteel Sync can be extended when you use the Preservation Trailblazer skill to pull more attention away from him. The usefulness of talents all depend on the team around them and the enemies you’re facing.

And those are all the character talents in Honkai Star Rail ranked. For more on Honkai Star Rail, check out our full guide vault filled with build guides, how to complete stages of the Simulated Universe and what characters are coming to the game.

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