Honkai: Star Rail Audio Issue Fixes

Having issues with your audio in Honkai Star Rail? These fixes can help.

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Music is as essential to a video game as it is a movie, helping to set the scene and increase tension. If you’re one of the players having audio issues in Honkai Star Rail, whether it’s no background music, crackling sounds, or no audio altogether, you know that your immersion in game is lacking. There are a few audio issue fixes that can be used to get you hearing the beat again.

What are the Audio Issues in Honkai: Star Rail?

There seems to be a few different audio issues running amok in Honkai Star Rail. The most common of them is no music plays whatsoever, unless you’re on the Astral Express.

Others issues include no background music or no combat music, while other audio elements are fine. Some players are also experiencing crackling sounds, like white noise seeping into the game, while others have reported extremely muffled audio.

Potential Honkai: Star Rail Audio Fixes

Since there are a variety of audio problems cropping up in game, there are a variety of potential fixes you can try.

  • Restart the game: The tried and true first step of any tech issue.
  • Check all peripheral and audio connections: Double check your wires are plugged in tight, just in case some may have wiggled lose and are causing the issue.
  • Repair game files: If you play via the Epic Games Launcher you’ll be able to repair files through it.
  • Check for updates: You can check for updates in the Launcher. If you’re in game, you can force updates through the settings which seems to resolve the wide variety of audio issues.
  • Update audio driver: You’re audio driver may be outdated, causing issues in game. Head to the Sound, video, and game controllers section of your Device Manager on PC to see if there’s an update.
  • Disable Nahimic Audio Driver: It seems the Nahimic Audio Driver that comes with some PCs may be having a conflict with Honkai Star Rail. Disable it to see if the issues are resolved.
  • Restart platform: Just as restarting the game can fix an issue like magic, sometimes you need to restart the whole system.
  • Send in a Support Ticket: If all else fails, you can send an in game support ticket using the Bug Report function in your cellphone menu. It’ll auto populate your player ID and username for you so you don’t have to track that information down.

Those are the various fixes you can try to resolve any audio issues may be having in Honkai Star Rail. Hopefully these work so you can get back to experiencing the world fully. If you need help with other errors coming up for Honkai Star Rail, check out our extensive guides.

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