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Honkai: Star Rail — How to Complete Hook’s Gift Quest

Here's how to complete the Hook's Gift side quest in Honkai Star Rail.

Wondering how to complete the Hook’s Gift quest in Honkai Star Rail? It’s one of more than a dozen Companion Quests that, when completed, adds its namesake character as a possible guest on the Astral Express. Speaking to your companions while aboard the Express awards Stellar Jade. The quests themselves are also some of the better storytelling moments in the game — not to mention they’re a great source of Trailblaze EXP and other materials.

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Hook’s Gift Companion Quest Walkthrough

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To access Hook’s Gift, you’ll need to have completed the earlier side mission called The Old Foreman’s Treasure. Then, complete the Jarilo-VI campaign and the In the Dangerous Muddy Swamp Trailblaze Mission. Soon after, you’ll get a text message that gives you Hook’s Gift.

The first step in the Hook’s Gift quest is to speak to the Auction Staff near the World Vendor in Boulder Town, who will mention an auction that includes the Geomarry Probe Fersman lost in his earlier mission.

Tell Hook about this development, speak to Natasha to get Junjun and its erebus gem eyes, and finally make your way to the vagrant camp at the Robot Settlement. Speak to the auctioneer at the camp, and be sure to play up Junjun’s price and your ability to get its price up.

Get as many bidders as possible to increase Junjun’s value. Initially, there will be three NPCs you can talk to, but there are three more hidden buyers. They are:

Hidden Buyer 1: The Elderly Woman and Her Grandchild

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Speak to the Waiting Elderly, and she’ll worry about where her grandson is. Find him around the corner being bullied by a pair of vagrants. Defeat them and take the child back to his grandmother.

Hidden Buyer 2: Gertie

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Speak to the Auction Staff, and they’ll mention that Gertie, back in Boulder Town, was looking for something like Junjun. All you need to do here is head to her at the Underworld Goethe Grand Hotel and mention the auction.

Hidden Buyer 3: The Careless Vagrant

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Near the back of the tent camp is a vagrant in red pants who says he would be interested in buying Junjun but lost the means to pay — a commodity contract. You can find it by heading beyond the gate and below the camp.

Take the elevator down, go underneath the bridge, and defeat the robot to gain the contract. Once the careless vagrant has his contract back, he’ll confirm he plans to bid for Junjun.

With all the required and optional characters in Hook’s Gift accounted for, all that’s left is the auction itself. Or it would be, but after speaking to the Auctioneer, there will be a “technical issue.” The Auction Staff admits the Geomarrow Probe was stolen and urges you to talk to camp people to find out where it might have gone.

How to Find the Geomarrow Probe

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The Naive Miner near the careless vagrant will say the person she came to the auction with (the thief) headed back to Boulder Town, so do so yourself. The thief hides in an alcove across the Natasha’s Clinic Space Anchor. Confront them, defeat them, then head back and finish the auction. Be sure to always aim for the highest bid, and the Geomarrow Probe is yours.

Hook’s Gift Final Steps

The final steps of the Hook’s Gift quest are back in Boulder Town. Natasha and Hook will wait in the doctor’s clinic, where you can report on the auction (or not). Hook then invites you both to her father’s birthday party. This leads to a touching cutscene, and once that ends, you’ll be done!

And that’s how to complete the Hook’s Gift quest in Honkai Star Rail. Like most side missions in HSR, this one is probably better written than the main story content, as it’s more character focused with lower stakes but a higher emotional punch. If you’re looking for more HSR content, check out our guides to all the upcoming characters, our HSR character tier list, and the best auto-battle farming teams. There’s more over on our HSR guides hub.

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