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Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: How to Beat Drift Master Missions

These are the tips you need to know to pass drift master races in HWU2.

Even though Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 has a variety of race types, including some unforgiving boss challenges, the toughest ones revolve around making great turns. Here are our tips on how to beat Drift Master Missions in HWU2.

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How to Beat Drift Master Missions in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2

Keep Your Speed Up

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Gaining points is very precise during these races, with two important variables being the length of the drift as well as your speed. We’ve found that the latter feels a bit more important, though, with high speeds even rewarding additional points. It’s okay to slow down a bit on tighter turns, but we suggest going fast for wider turns.

Give Preference to the Recommended Vehicle

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Many races in the campaign come with vehicle class recommendations. This is especially true for the Drift Master races. Although you’re free to use whatever you want, especially if you really enjoy a particular car, many of these races feel tailor-made for certain vehicle classes when it comes to the track layout and obstacles. If you’ve been having trouble with your go-to car, following what they suggest can make a big difference.

Experiment with Different Skills

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Any car can feel widely different after you’ve upgraded it and equipped different skills. Going with Maximum Grip to sacrifice boost charge for handling can be a big help on some tracks. Ironically, the Quick Charge skill that does the opposite can also help, depending on what kind of vehicle you want to use! For the most part, you’ll want to experiment with Handling skills though.

Since time isn’t an issue in Drift Master courses, you don’t need to use your boost bar besides picking up your speed before (or during) a turn. This means you’ll always have plenty of juice to jump over obstacles, so feel free to ignore the Obstacle-related skills unless you want some peace of mind.

The last recommendation we have is the Phase Inverter skill that changes your boost type. We found using cars with the Boost Bar system more dependable than the Boost Charge system, although this is something else that’s up to player preference.

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Change the Difficulty

One of the best ways to beat these courses is to lower the difficulty. Not only does this make the AI less intense and rubber band-like during typical race events, but in this case it also eases up on the necessary amount of points you need to win. You’re free to ignore this idea if you really want to challenge yourself and conquer tougher races. If you’re having trouble and just want to get these done, there’s no shame in making things easier for yourself.

Hopefully, this puts you at ease with how to beat Drift Master missions in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2. For more tips and tricks, check out our growing HWU2 guides collection.

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