Where to Find Aluminum and Red Crystal Lightyear Frontier
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How to Get Aluminum and Red Crystal in Lightyear Frontier

Time for some digging for Aluminum and Red Crystals!

Aluminum and Red Crystal are some of the most important resources in Lightyear Frontier in the early to mid-game, and I’ve struggled to get them quite a bit. Because I don’t want you to struggle too, I’ll show you where to find Aluminum and Red Crystal deposits.

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Where to Find Aluminum and Red Crystal in Lightyear Frontier

If you are looking for locations of Aluminum and Red Crystal deposits, I’ll be glad to provide some of them that had the most positive impact on my progression.

Aluminum can be found in the starting area, The Meadows, and the Pine Heights area. Pine Heights is just west of The Meadows.

Red Crystal can be found in Pine Heights only (or at least that’s the only place I’ve found it in my countless hours playing the game).

Usually, you will find ore deposits near hill and mountain formations and in the caves. I’ve not come across any in the middle of flat land, so you can rule these areas out of your hunt. Sometimes, you will see a deposit that just has a hole on it rather than a resource. This means that it hasn’t spawned (yet). A great tip from me: you can feed the animals in the area to boost the resource (re)spawn rate for the next day. This is useful to know if you’re grinding for a specific material.

Best Spots for Aluminum and Red Crystal Farm in Lightyear Frontier

In the starting area called The Meadows, I’ve got a nice spot for Aluminum that you can keep checking from time to time. In the screenshot below, I’ve included the map location and what the location looks like in the game. It’s just on the edge between the Yellow Forest and The Meadows. And there’s a nest you can feed as well! Aluminum looks like silver sticks sticking out of the ground.

Aluminum Deposits in Lightyear Frontier
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There is one great spot in Pine Heights where you can find both Aluminum and Red Crystal. You could enter Pine Heights from the Meadows using the map hint below. Just under the location of the letters “Pine Heights” on the map, you will be able to find one of many entrances. This one is the best because it leads you directly into many deposits of Aluminum and Red Crystal.

Aluminum and Red Crystal Location in Pine Heights in Lightyear Frontier
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Both of these items are very important for crafting many items (trying not to spoil stuff for you). This is why you should get a lot of them whenever you get the chance.

Now that you’re in Pine Heights, I suggest you check out all Pine Heights noxious slime locations and all artifact locations in Pine Heights, as well as our other Lightyear Frontier guides at our game hub.

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