Wondering how long The Quarry is? Here's a complete breakdown of its chapters and what you can expect. Warning: major spoilers lie ahead.

How Many Chapters Are in The Quarry? Full Chapters List

Wondering how long The Quarry is? Here's a complete breakdown of its chapters and what you can expect. Warning: major spoilers lie ahead.

Supermassive Games’ horror title, The Quarry, is set in a remote location where players must unravel the hidden secrets of this mysterious location and escape alive. The Quarry is an intense, thrilling experience for all horror game fans, with a chilling atmosphere, challenging puzzles, and terrifying enemies lurking in the shadows. But how long can you expect to spend with these counselors? How many chapters are there?

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How Many Chapters are in The Quarry?

The answer to “How many chapters are in The Quarry” is a simple one: There are 10 chapters in The Quarry, not including the prologue and the epilogue, which are mini-chapters at the beginning and end of the game, respectively. 

As you face the horrors in the shadows, you must use your wits and push the limits of your courage. Continue reading for the complete chapter list of this tense game and mini guide on how to get out alive. Warning: major spoilers aheadIf you’re still on the fence, head over to our spoiler-lite review first

The Quarry: All Chapters Listed


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In the Prologue, you will meet the main characters, Laura and Max, who seem lost while driving in the middle of nowhere. You’ll have to check a map or brochure to locate Hackett’s Quarry during this time. Whatever you decide, Max will see something on the road ahead, which will distract him and cause him to lose control of the car, causing him to go off the road and into the woods.

Of course, both survived the crash, but you will face numerous obstacles before reaching Hackett’s Quarry. The Prologue will also end after Max is attacked by a mysterious entity, giving you a taste of the horrors to come.

Chapter 1: Hackett’s Quarry Forever

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In this chapter, you will find out why Laura and Max wanted to go to Hackett’s Quarry. The next scene will be of Jacob and Kaitlyn waving and sending off people. After a brief dialogue, you will play as Jacob. 

Here you will be able to explore the area and the cabins. You will also meet other characters like Ryan while getting the bags. However, the group will have to spend the night in the lodge because Jacob messed with the car.

Chapter 2: Truth Or Dare 

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In this chapter, Emma and Jacob will later raid a store for supplies for the party. Emma will find a shotgun in the store that she will keep for safety against the bears. The duo will also see some fireworks you can take back with you. 

This will unlock the combat tutorial “Playing with Fire.” The tutorial will explain the combat system of the Quarry. After this, the chapter ends with the gang playing a game of Truth or Dare.

Chapter 3: Trouble in Paradise 

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This chapter starts with Abi walking through the woods after the Truth or Dare session ended badly. But, things will begin to fall apart from here. As the chapter progresses, you must find the main path through the clearing as Abi. 

You will meet the monster for the first time as Abi is chased by it. Meanwhile, Jacob gets caught in a trap in the woods, where he encounters a hunter. The chapter ends with him escaping the hunter.

Chapter 4: Don’t Panic

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The chapter starts with Abi explaining what happened to her and Nick. She goes on to say that they were chased by something and that what attacked them was no bear. Then Jacob arrives in the camp after escaping the hunter. 

After this, we cut to Emma, who is vlogging by herself after meeting Jacob at the lake. Here you play Emma as she wanders the lakeside while recording. While exploring the sheds, she is chased by the monster, and the chapter ends as she escapes it.

Chapter 5: White Noise

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The chapter starts with Nick, Abi, and Kaitlyn staying in Hackett’s Quarry lodge as Nick is injured and needs to recover. Here Kaitlyn will encounter the hunter that Jacob met earlier. You must get them out of the lodge while avoiding the hunter.

Meanwhile, we jump to Dylan and Ryan heading to the radio station to try to radio for help. Unfortunately, the Monster will attack them in the radio station, and you will face a difficult decision. The chapter ends with them returning from the station when they hear gunfire and find an unidentified dead body in the pool.

Chapter 6: Prayers By Night

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We start the chapter with Jacob emerging from the woods as he wanders through Hackett’s woods and is reunited with Emma. It is during this reunion they are attacked, and Jacob comes face to face with the monster. The monster will chase them relentlessly through the woods.

Emma loses the beast when she falls into the lake, but Jacob is chased until he is caught in one of the hunter’s traps and is captured. Meanwhile, we cut back to the rest of the group as they investigate the dead body of a girl. Unfortunately, Nick’s condition worsens, and we end the chapter when Laura, the woman from the prologue, shows up.

Chapter 7: The Past Behind Us

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The chapter starts with a flashback of Laura and Max in prison. They are interrogated by the sheriff, Travis Hackett. The monster is revealed to be a werewolf. We discover that Max has been infected, as he turns into one that evening.

Then we jump back to the present, where Laura explains to the group that a werewolf was hunting them. She also reveals that the werewolf was Chris Hackett and that he was the one that bit Max. Finally, we end the chapter with a scene of Jacob captured by the hunters and locked up in a cage.

Chapter 8: The Belly Of The Beast

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The Chapter starts with Ryan holding Laura at gunpoint as he does not trust her because she killed Kylee. Kaitlyn convinces Ryan to lower the gun; Laura takes it back, explaining that she is running out of time. Kaitlyn suggests that Chris may stay in the creepy house behind the woods. 

Ryan volunteers to come with Laura, and she reluctantly agrees. As Ryan and Laura arrive at the house, Kaitlyn, Abi, and Dylan find Emma hiding in a car. The chapter ends with Ryan finding Jacob in the house.

Chapter 9: The Matriarch

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We start the chapter with Dylan and Kaitlyn walking through the woods on their way to the scrapyard. Then we jump to Laura and Ryan, captured by the Hackett family.

Laura then breaks free, and the family chases her, leaving Ryan to his fate while he bleeds from a knife stabbed to his side.

We then jump back to Dylan and Kaitlyn, attacked by a werewolf. They manage to survive by dropping a car on the monster. Finally, we end the chapter with Laura and Ryan finding a werewolf they believe is Chris.

Chapter 10: Bricks and Mortar

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This final chapter starts with Max waking up on top of a tree near a campsite, freed from the curse after Chris is killed. We then jump to Kaitlyn and Dylan exploring Hackett’s Quarry Lodge, where a werewolf attacks them.

Meanwhile, Laura, Ryan, and Travis are in a car looking for Sylas. When he attacks them, they throw him out of the vehicle and pursue him through the woods; they find him and kill him, ending the curse once and for all.


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All the decisions you make throughout the game affect what is shown in the ending credits. This will show all the characters that survived and those who died. Unfortunately, not everyone will survive the night — if you are not careful, none may survive.

Those are all of the chapters in The Quarry. For more on the 2K-published horror game, such as how to find all of the game’s collectibles or how to be good throughout your terror-filled time at Hackett’s Quarry, head over to our guide page for the game.

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