Enshrouded Max Base Cap: How Many Flame Altars Can You Have?

How many bases can be in an Enshrouded server? We have the answer.

The player upgrading their flame altar flame in Enshrouded
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Flame Altars function as your base, offering somewhere to build upon and call home. In line with the game’s co-op focus, all players in a world share Flame Altars and the cap for them. I’ll tell you how many Flame Altars you can have in Enshrouded.

What is the Flame Altar Cap in Enshrouded?

It takes a while to reach the point where you can have more than four bases in Enshrouded. At Flame Level 1 for your Altars, you can build up to two. You have access to four Flame Altars once you upgrade your Flame Level to two. That cap only increases. Each Flame Altar level requires a smattering of materials, with each level requiring increasingly rare ones.

Being that Enshrouded is meant to be a co-op experience and not a PvP one, as we see with many other survival games, Flame Altars are shared between all players in the world. Currently, worlds have a cap of 16 players at a time. All 16 players are meant to work together and strengthen themselves and each other.

Builders arguing during a cutscene in Enshrouded
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What is the Max Base Cap?

So, is the maximum number of bases you can have in Enshrouded also 16? Nope, it is not. The server base cap is a comfortable 20 Flame Altars at the time of writing. We’ll have to see whether Keen Games increases the number of Flame Altars that can be placed in a world at once as the game goes through its Early Access.

Though, I wouldn’t bet on the game’s focus shifting to a PvP-oriented experience. It’s very possible it might implement a dueling system like Valheim, considering they are on the same engine, but that will probably be about it.

Now that you know how many Flame Altars you can have in Enshrouded, consider checking out our guide on the best base locations in the game, or one of our many other guides to this intriguing and deep survival RPG.

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