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How Many Guilds Can Be on One Server in Palworld?

Wondering how many guilds can be on one server in Palworld? The answer may surprise you.

Guilds are one of the main multiplayer features in public and community-led servers. While the player limit is 4 in private games and 32 on public servers, you might be wondering about guild limits. Here, I’ll tell you how many guilds can be on one server in Palworld.

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What is the Guild Limit on One Server in Palworld?

When we talk about guilds in Palworld, there are two limits:

  • The first limit is that the number of guilds you can join or create on a server is one at a time, so pick your guilds wisely when joining.
  • The second limit is that up to 100 guilds can be on a server simultaneously. This is adjusted in your World Settings with the slider option titled “Max number of guilds”.

The second point has caused some confusion on Steam and Reddit forums, and frankly, it confuses me to a degree. The maximum number of players on a dedicated/public server is 32 and the maximum guild size is 20. One hundred guilds is overkill.

I assume Pocketpair is planning ahead for PvP, as they’ll probably increase server sizes as the game progresses and more players jump in. We could see increases in server size up to 48, 64, and perhaps more in the future.

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How to Join a Guild in Palworld

The process of joining a guild is quite straightforward. All you have to do is:

  • Walk up to a player whose guild you want to join.
  • Hover over them.
  • Hold X or the keyboard equivalent.
  • They then need to accept your request.
  • Once they do, you’ll join their guild immediately.

Once you join another person’s guild, you get to use their base. However, if you haven’t built anything and they join your guild, they lose access to their buildings. That’s why I highly recommend joining the guild of a player who has already constructed something instead of them joining you if you don’t have anything built. That said, if you ever want to leave a guild, check out this guide.

That concludes my guide on how many guilds can be on one server in Palworld. For more Palworld guides, check out how to get and use Sulfur or whether bosses respawn.

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