How to Get and Use Sulfur in Palworld

You'll need Sulfur to craft Gunpowder for gun ammo. Here's how to get and use Sulfur in Palworld.

sulfur node in palworld
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You need Sulfur to access Gunpowder, ammo, and guns in Palworld. It’s strewn about the world in desert and lava biomes, and it’s a bit tricky to get. I’ll point out some tips while we talk about how to get and use Sulfur in Palworld.

Where to Find Sulfur in Palworld

Sulfur becomes important after Palworld‘s early game, primarily for Gunpowder and ammo for guns. The mining node looks like a giant rock with a yellowish tint. There are various Sulfur farming locations, and no matter which location I visit, I bring a flying Pal with me. I also have a Pal skill that increases my carry capacity. Also, bring a pickaxe.

gunpowder recipe unlock in the tech tree in palworld
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  • Desert Biome: An early location for getting Sulfur is the desert biome. I found it north of the spawn point and entered it at coordinates -193, -142. As a general rule, I recommend bringing cold-resistant gear for nighttime and heat-resistant gear for daytime. You can find multiple nodes as you fly around the area, as well as coal.
  • Pyre Tower: Located far to the west in the lava mountain region is the Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance fast travel point at coordinates -594, -531. There’s much more Sulfur here than in the desert biome, but you must have better heat-resistant gear. Nodes are in clusters, so I roam around to find them and steer clear of the Tower boss.
  • Lava Fields: This is my least favorite Sulfur location. If you use a flying pal and explore to the northwest of the Pyre Tower Entrance, you find numerous lava fields and Sulfur nodes strewn about. Some rough coordinates are -739, -448. Exploring this area yields some extra Sulfur once you’re past the tower and the desert biome.

Be mindful of your Pal’s stamina when flying over the Lava Fields so you don’t accidentally drop into the lava. You can also find Sulfur in dungeons.

How to Use Sulfur in Palworld

Once you’ve gathered Sulfur, you can craft Gunpowder and Ammo through a High-Quality Workbench. As with any advanced recipe in Palworld, you unlock the Gunpowder recipe through the Technology menu. You can then use Sulfur to craft Gunpowder by combining x1 Sulfur and x2 Charcoal. Gunpowder is then used to craft various types of ammo at the Weapons Workbench usually requiring Ingots and Gunpowder.

That’s how to get and use Sulfur in Palworld. Check out more of our Palworld tips, like how to unlock guns and the get the grappling gun.

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