How Many Ships are in Skull and Bones? All Ship Types

Here's a complete list of all ship types in Skull and Bones, including their main characteristics and crafting recipes.

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There are 10 playable ships in SnB that could be categorized into two main groups: Small Ships and Medium Ships. Here, I list all ship types in Skull and Bones, including their main characteristics and crafting recipes.

All Ship Types in Skull and Bones, Listed

Exeter’s Jolly (Dhow)

This is the starting default ship in Skull and Bones. It has very limited capabilities and isn’t one you want to use in combat. Indeed, the Dhow is good at one thing: hunting coastal wildlife. The Dhow comes equipped with a small spear and doesn’t destroy animal skin when hunting animals. Other than that, it has a simple Cargobag. I got another ship as soon as possible. And you should, too.

Rammer (Bedar)

This is the first ship that you can craft after the tutorial. Although it’s much better than the Dhow, I still find it lacking in many departments. Its main perk is the Lancer, which allows you to ram other ships with a 25% ramming damage bonus that adds the Flooded effect. Any ship you ram is slowed down and requires repairs. My favorite effect, however, is that Lancer improves the speed of your ship by 50% with torn sails.

To craft the Rammer (Bedar) ship, purchase the blueprint for 660 Silver from the Shipwright at Sainte Anne in the Red Isles region. Alternatively, complete the “A Seaworthy Ship” quest and earn the blueprint. With that done, craft the ship with x20 Jute, x10 Acacia, x8 Bog Iron, x360 Silver.

Defender (Hulk)

Survivability is everything when it comes to small ships in Skull and Bones. And the Hulk is the best small ship for survivability with its high Brace Strength, supported by its Ironclad perk. But I must warn you that it’s also terribly slow. If I engage with another ship, I make sure my volleys are quick and on target. Whether locked in combat or escaping, plan ahead and stay out of your enemy’s range. Fortunately, the two gunports on the bow guarantee solid fire support.

Around the time you gain access to the Hulk ship, Skull and Bones introduces Infamy, a type of XP required to unlock different ship blueprints for crafting. The Hulk requires Infamy Rover I. Purchase the blueprint for 1,980 Silver at the Sacred Tree Outpost in the Red Isles region. Then, craft is for x12 Fine Jute, x6 Bronze Ingot, x6 Iroko Plank, and x1,080 Silver.

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Sentinel (Cutter)

The Sentinel Cutter is the fastest small ship in Skull and Bones, capable of reaching 13 knots. It’s also the only ship that can repair severely damaged ships in the same fleet. Unfortunately, it also has a very low HP, which makes it unsustainable for combat. I use the Sentinel as a support ship, something it’s well-suited for. The Unburden perk allows you to repair all friendly ships within a 100-meter radius.

Once you hit Rover I rank, you can purchase the crafting blueprint for 1,980 Silver from the Shipwright at Lanitra. Alternatively, I suggest simply completing the “Dressed to Kill” quest and taking it as a reward from the blacksmith at Sainte Anne. Craft it for x6 Bronze Ingot, x6 Iroko Plank, x12 Fine Jute, and x1,080 Silver.

Firebrand (Barge)

If I wanted to set an entire enemy fleet on fire, then I’d get the Firebrand ship as quickly as possible. It has the unique Wildfire perk, which allows you to burn all enemy ships within a 125-meter radius. It also has plenty of gunports on the bow, the stern, and the broadside to deal with any extra threats. However, most of these gunports are located on the top deck, so it’s hard to use them all at once.

The Barge is much more expensive than any other ship so far on this list. You must reach Buccaneer I rank first, then purchase the blueprint for 4,950 Silver from the merchant at Kaa Mangrove Outpost in the Coast of Africa region. With the blueprint in hand, craft it for x8 Fine Hemp, x8 Mopane Plank, x4 Cobalt Ingot, x4 Fine Linen, and x2,700 Silver.

Blaster (Sloop)

Blaster is similar to Firebrand, but instead of setting enemy ships ablaze, it increases your explosive damage. While using the Outburst perk, I can increase my damage by 20% with a 50% chance to create a powerful blast that deals 1,500 points of damage within a 150-meter radius. But the Sloop is smaller than the Barge, which makes it harder for enemy ships to hit it. That’s why I consider Blaster the best small ship in Skull and Bones.

The Sloop costs 4,950 SIlver at the Ungwana Merchant in the Sunken Goldmine at Buccaneer I rank. You can also get the blueprint from John Scurlock in Sainte Anne by completing the “The Devil’s Gambit” quest. Craft it with x8 Cobalt Ingot, x8 Fine Hemp, x4 Casting Sand, x4 Lime, and x2,700 Silver.

Bombardier (Padewakang)

If you like the idea of bombing enemy ships but wish you had a bigger vessel, then I recommend Bombardier. It has similar stats to the Blaster, and the Detonate perk similarly has a 75% chance to deal 1,000 damage within a 125-meter radius. However, the Padewakang’s maneuverability is worse because it’s a medium-sized ship. I also think the Blaster’s perk is better.

Reach Brigand I rank and pay 5,280 Silver to the Shipwright in Telok Penjarah in the East Indies region to get the Bombardier. Then craft it with x19 Ironwood Plank, x15 Steel Ingot, x15 Fine Ramie, x4 Shellac, x4 Crude Saltpeter, and x2,880 Silver.

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Vanguard (Snow)

The Snow is basically a larger version of the Hulk. It has high survivability from the Tenacity perk. It also increases Brace Strength by 50% and recovery duration by 150%. However, there isn’t much else to say about the Vanguard ship. I recommend the Blaster or Bombardier over this ship at this point in Skull and Bones. It doesn’t have the required firepower to stand toe to toe with other ships for it unlock and crafting requirements.

However, if you still want to build this ship for a complete collection, reach Corsair I rank and pay 5,760 Silver to the Corsair ship vendor. Then craft is with x13 Ironwood Plank, x13 Steel Ingot, x12 Juniper Plank, x12 Zinc Ingot, x12 Fine Abaka, x2 Crude Saltpeter, x2 Screw Mechanism, and x1,890 Silver.

Pyromaniac (Sambuk)

Alongside the Blaster and Bombardier, Pyrmoniac is the third Skull and Bones ship type that can set enemy fleets on fire. I can deal as much as 5,000 burning damage to all enemy ships within a 150-meter radius with the Scorched perk. If you like these types of ships, then you must reach Cutthroat I rank and pay 5,760 Silver to the Cutthroat ship vendor. Then craft it with x13 Fine Abaka, x13 Juniper Plank, x12 Zinc Ingot, x2 Shellac, x2 Crude Saltpeter, x2 Sheet Glass, x2 Screw Mechanism, and x1,890 Silver.

Hullbreaker (Brigantine)

Finally, the Hullbreaker is the biggest, strongest, and most expensive ship in Skull and Bones. It’s a pure ramming machine. It increases all ramming damage by 45% and inflicts Flooded on the damaged ship. I like to think of it as the Bedar’s big brother, with much better everything. On top of that, it has as much as 45,000 cargo capacity, making it the best transport ship in Skull and Bones.

Reach Cutthroat I rank and purchase the blueprint from the Corrupt DMC Officer at Ruined Lighthouse in the East Indies region for as much as 15,840 Silver. Then craft it with x18 Mopane Plank, x12 Greenheart Plank, x12 Magnetite Ingot, x12 Roselle Cloth, x2 Wood Tar, x2 Cogwheel, x1 Torsion Spring, and x4,320 Silver.

That’s it for my list of all ship types in Skull and Bones. Stay tuned for more SnB tips and tricks articles, including how to fix set sail not working, how to check server status, and how to harvest Acacia Wood.

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