How Much Does Lethal Company Cost? Answered

So how much does Lethal Company cost and is the game worth it in its current state?

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Developed by lone developer Zeekerss, Lethal Company is taking the internet by storm. It beautifully blends survival horror and social comedy. With the hype around it, is it an affordable experience for your friend group? Let’s see how much does Lethal Company cost.

What Is the Lethal Company Price in Early Access?

The biggest element we have to consider when it comes to the game’s price point of $9.99 USD is that it’s in Early Access currently. Zeekerss has stated that they “don’t plan on changing the price” but “want Lethal Company to be so full of creatures, items, customization, and map variations that it feels infinitely replayable.” These are obviously great promises, and I’m hopeful that updates will indeed keep getting released at a steady pace as they’ve been so far.

So is the $10 price tag worth it currently for the Early Access version? While the actual gameplay mechanics need fleshing out, this is actually a worthwhile co-op horror game to play with friends. It’s the most fun I’ve had online with a such a cheap game, sans maybe Terraria. The combination of the masterfully implemented proximity chat and level and monster variety makes for some decent replayability already.

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There’s so much potential for funny moments. I love hearing my friends screaming or laughing via proximity chat in the next room as they run from a monster. Plus, a healthy community is steadily growing around the game with 100,000 concurrent players on November 19. In fact, it’s the top-selling game on Steam at the time of writing, and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down yet.

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So if you want a scary and hilarious online four-player horror co-op experience, then Lethal Company’s price of $9.99 is well worth it. And the game will keep on getting better without changing its price point. For those interested, you can find tons of Lethal Company guides like beginner tips or how to emote right here.

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