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All Emotes in Lethal Company

There aren't many emotes in Lethal Company, but what you have available is still loads of fun.

There are only a handful of emotes you and your crew can pull off, though they don’t have any real uses. They can still be useful though, especially pointing. Here are all emotes in Lethal Company.

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What Are All the Emotes in Lethal Company?

There are a grand total of two emotes in Lethal Company. They don’t provide you with any strict benefits, they’re just there for fun and communication. Plus dancing at the delivery drop pod for good luck. The two emotes are:

  • Point: Your character simply points toward the direction of your camera allowing you to direct the attention of your allies.
  • Dance: A neat dance animation.

These two emotes make for a basic gesture packet to interact with your teammates. While the first one is occasionally useful to point out a monster or a point of interest, dancing is just for fun. Then again, I make good use of it for taunting allies. There’s nothing better than annoying an uptight crew mate with a poorly-timed dance!

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How to Emote in Lethal Company

To emote, simply press 1 for dancing and 2 for pointing. You can dance even with your hands are full, so be sure to engage in completely necessary dancing rituals with your pals. I especially like dancing with friends on voice chat when the pod arrives.

Hopefully, Zeekerss will add more emotes as the game progresses through early access. Lethal Company is a highly social game and both visual customization and emotes are a huge part of interacting with crewmates in multiplayer. For now, this has been a guide on all emotes in Lethal Company. For more guides like beginner tips or how to use teleporters, check out our Lethal Company game hub.

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