How to Access Combo Challenges in Tekken 8

If you want to improve yourself in Tekken 8, these illusive combo challenges can help.

Kazuya turning into a devil to punch Jin away.
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There are some difficult combo trials to master in this King of Iron Fist Tournament. The only problem is that, unlike other games that put the option in the main menu, you must dig to find them here. Here, I’ll tell you how to access combo challenges in Tekken 8.

Where to Find Combo Challenges in Tekken 8

The Tekken 8 pause menu showing combo challenges during Practice mode.
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Each fighter has combo trials that you can only access in Tekken 8‘s Practice mode. Follow these steps:

  • Head into Practice Mode from the Main Menu.
  • Choose your preferred character.
  • Go into the Pause menu.
  • Scroll down and select Combo Challenges.

This leads you to a screen listing a set of unique combo challenges for your character. Everyone has 11 set combos for you to master, with the challenges steadily increasing in difficulty. They’ve all been pretty varied in my experience, too, meaning you get to enjoy different strengths for a fighter and learn some great ways they interact with the Heat System.

The Combo Challenges screen for Kazuya.
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Why Can’t I do Challenges for Other Tekken 8 Characters? How to Use Quick Select

The downside is that it’s not easily accessible. Aside from being hidden away in the Practice mode, you can only access the challenges for whom you’re currently playing.

Want to try the combo challenges of other characters? You must switch to them first. Return to the Character Select screen and choose another fighter. Doing it this way requires you to pick a new stage as well. A much faster method is to use Quick Select from the Practice pause menu. This lets you quickly confirm who you want to play and immediately use them. 

That’s all you need to know about accessing combo challenges in Tekken 8. If you need additional ways to improve, I highly recommend taking advantage of the Replay System. Other tips and tricks to survive the Iron Fist tournament are available at our T8 guides hub.

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