How to Best Use the Replay System to Get Better at Tekken 8

Trying to hit higher ranks in Tekken 8? You need to use the replay system.

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One of the most interesting improvements in Tekken 8 is its Replay System. Not only is it easy to use, but it also has some innovative features that make it a stand-out in the genre. If you want to improve your game, here’s how to best use replays to get better in Tekken 8.

How to Best Use the Replay System in Tekken 8

Xiaoyu vs Hwoarang, with the My Replay & Tips feature recommending a punishment technique.
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The wondrous potential all revolves around the My Replays and Tips feature. Although Tekken 7 had a version of this implemented in an update, this is a much more refined version. It all starts by heading to the main menu and then going to the Replay tab. From there you can scroll down to My Replays & Tips, which features a selection of automatically-saved replays of your fights.

Once you start watching one, you might start to notice that it’ll offer some helpful suggestions. By default, and available to change within the pause menu, the replay will freeze and you’ll receive one of the following tips:

  • Recommended Punishment Techniques
  • Recommended Sample Combos
  • High Moves You Can Duck Under
  • Throw Commands
Xiaoyu successfully completing a punishment technique on Hwoarang.
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What elevates these suggestions is that you can immediately apply them. Aside from Recommended Sample Combos, which seemed to take me to a training room similar to those in Combo Challenges, you have the option to “Train” or take control of your fighter in the replay and attempt the recommendation. Depending on which platform you’re playing Tekken 8 on, this can be done by pressing the Cross/A button.

The process is surprisingly fluid and feels more effective at teaching than tediously setting up a situation in training mode. As someone who can sometimes block too much, it helps to be given direct proof that taking an action instead would have been a better response.

If you’re having trouble with putting a tip into practice, there’s usually an option to watch a demo of it too. You’ll need to press the Square/B button to watch. This has helped me a ton when it comes to getting the timing down of a few difficult recommendations. Either way, once you’re satisfied you can return to watching the replay where you left off.

Does it Work for Other Players’ Replays?

A Xiaoyu player blocking an attack from a Lili player.
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Perhaps most excitingly, you can enjoy the same functionalities while watching other players’ replays too. This might seem a little confusing since selecting My Replays & Tips from the main menu only shows your own matches, but I can confirm it works when you select Online Replays as well.

I highly suggest doing this since you can already learn a lot from watching how someone else plays your character and now you can see potential improvements for their style as well. To give it an example, I noticed someone use an interesting Xiaoyu combo I hadn’t attempted before. What called more attention to it was a Recommended Sample Combo tip popping up on the screen. The recommendation showed the inputs needed to replicate the combo and even optimized it with a few extra hits too.

Does it Work for Exciting Replays?

Unfortunately, you don’t have access to this or most other advanced functionality with Exciting Replays. You’re pretty much limited to just watching a random match. These do live up to their name and can show some real nail-biting final rounds and excellent uses of the Heat mechanic, but you’ll have a more consistent time improving by checking out other offerings of the replay system.

You now know the secret of how to best use the replay system to get better in Tekken 8. Once you’re ready to play online with your new knowledge, make sure you’re set with the best rollback settings. Our T8 guides hub has you covered when it comes to other optimal settings and mechanic breakdowns.

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