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How to Block Attacks in Tekken 8 on PC, PS5, and Xbox

Some good defense can go a long way. Here's the breakdown on blocking in Tekken 8.

Tekken 8 isn’t just about being on the offensive. You must block attacks, too. Depending on your history with fighting games, the action will feel a little different than something like Street Fighter 6 or Soulcalibur. Here, I’ll give you some inside tips on how to block in Tekken 8.

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How to Block Mid and High Attacks in Tekken 8

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There are two ways to block incoming attacks in Tekken8. You can hold Back for your movement (moving away from your opponent) or press nothing at all. The former blocking tactic is a typical method seen in other fighting games. However, the latter blocking mechanic is more unique and known from the Tekken series.

I suggest using whichever is the most comfortable for you. Hop into practice mode to find out. A benefit of the neutral method/not pressing any inputs is that you block attacks and hold your ground. I prefer using this method to keep up the pressure and play aggressively. You also get more points for playing aggressively. This is useful if you want to stay within close range to punish the opponent during their attack.

However, the neutral blocking method in Tekken 8 only works against Mid and High attacks. If you’re worried about low attacks, you must use a crouching block.

How to Defend Low Attacks

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The same Tekken 8 blocking principle from above applies here. The exception is that you must crouch to block low attacks. Holding Back + Down or holding Down makes your fighter duck and block any Low attacks automatically.

Something different in this series is that Mid attacks hit you when you’re crouching. High attacks miss you entirely. Unlike other series in the genre, this means that you can’t crouch block all the time. Standing block is much more useful since it defends you against Mids and Highs. I stay in the Mid-High block stance for a majority of my fights.

Can You Block Attacks While in the Air?

Unlike some other fighting games, you can’t block while airborne in Tekken 8. You’re fully exposed after jumping. Since some fighters have long-range attacks, don’t jump around too often. Fully commit to the action and be prepared to deal with any follow-ups your opponent may have in store.

How Heat Affects Blocking in Tekken 8

Blocking attacks when your opponent has Heat activated works differently. Opponents that have activated Heat can still damage you while you’re blocking. You receive chip damage for all attacks. I try to create distance when an opponent activates Heat, doing my best to avoid contact at all.

That’s everything you need to know about how to block in Tekken 8. Make sure to learn your opponent’s tells and respond appropriately with blocks, sidesteps, and parries to keep them on their toes. For all other manner of tips and tricks, including error fixes, check out our T8 guides page.

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