How to Beat (and Earn) Female Robin in Fire Emblem: Heroes Using F2P Units

The Grand Hero Battles give some great units. That's why it's awesome to have a second chance at getting Robin. But beating her is tricky. Here is an F2P friendly guide to help you along.

The Grand Hero Battles give some great units. That's why it's awesome to have a second chance at getting Robin. But beating her is tricky. Here is an F2P friendly guide to help you along.
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Fire Emblem Heroes has had events called Grand Hero Battles every few weeks since its release. This week two of the former Grand Hero Battles were brought back — Female Robin and Navarre — to allow players that might have missed these characters to get a second chance at obtaining them. Today I will be talking about the former, and how to beat her using only F2P Units.

Robin was the player’s avatar in Fire Emblem Awakening. In Awakening, you could create either a male or female avatar, which included customizing their look and changing their name. However, Robin is the canonical name for the player avatar in FEA. In Heroes, there are two separate versions of Robin, a male and female version, hence the specificity. The same thing is done with Fates’ avatar/protagonist Corrin. The male Robin is a blue mage that can be obtained through the usual summoning process.

Female Robin is a green mage, meaning she is in competition with Nino and Julia for a team slot. Stat-wise, she has a relatively high defense stat, especially for a mage, but otherwise, she is rather unremarkable. Her attack is below average. Her speed isn’t bad — she won’t be getting doubled too often — but nor is it great (you shouldn’t expect to double foes very often). She does have a unique, if mostly unspectacular, tome that is super effective against horseback units. She is also the only unit that has blue tomebreaker, however, which can make her incredibly useful, especially for inheritance purposes.

Team Composition

The first thing to note is that the hard mission for Robin is only level 35, instead of level 40 like the more recent Grand Hero Battles. This means that you can potentially have a significant advantage against the foes on this map just by ensuring all of your units are level 40.

Now, let’s look at the battlefield, then we can start discussing some team compositions.

There are 5 units on this map. 3 mages and 2 standard infantry units. There are several things that make this map particularly difficult.

  1. First, it is harder to tank magic than physical damage because even the bulkiest magical tanks are not as bulky as physical tanks.
  2. Second, there is no place you can move that will bait less than 3 units on the first enemy turn where they move.
  3. Moreover, whichever 3 enemies attack, they will be hitting you with all 3 colors. Moving to the top you have the ax wielder, blue mage, and red mage. Moving toward the bottom you have Robin, the lance wielder, and the aforementioned red mage. 

This means you have to get creative in order to hit hard and fast.

Horse Team Composition
  1. Ninian aka The dancer – She is only really needed once: to allow Cecilia to take out Robin and the lance wielder on the last turn. 
  2. Gunter aka The Buffer – His primary role is always to stand next to the other horse units and buff them. On this map, he is also responsible for helping to deal with Robin. 
  3. Ursula & Cecilia aka The Glass Cannons – I made some small alterations to these units to make them more combat ready/overpowered. I gave Ursula a Blarblade, which she inherited from Odin, the only person that uses this weapon. I gave Cecilia a Gronnblade which she inherited from Nino, the only person to use this weapon. This allowed for some insane damage. You see, these weapons add whatever bonuses they have to their damage. Well, Gunter’s Hone Cavalry grants +6 Attack & Speed to nearby horseback units at the start of the turn. This means Hone Cavalry added 6 attack. The blade weapons then add another 12 points of damage. This adds up to a whopping 18 point damage bonus for these mages whenever they start the turn standing next to Gunter.

This is the same team composition as the Zephiel guide. So all the same things apply.

The great part about this team composition is that it is not super specialized or hard to pull off. Ninian can be replaced by the F2P Olivia. Gunter, Cecilia, and Ursula are also all F2P. The former two being available through daily quests and the latter being available as a previous Grand Hero Battle unit. While Odin and Nino are not F2P, they are somewhat common draws. I’ve drawn 2 Odin’s and 4 Nino’s.

Fliers Team Composition
  1. Olivia aka the Dancer – Olivia is the dancer. However, unlike the previous strategy where the dancer did not get hit (and could be level 1 for all intents and purposes) in this strategy, the Dancer will get hit. This means she needs to be of a similar level to the rest of the team.
  2. Palla aka the Green Crusher – Palla is the center of this team. Everything lives and dies on her back. She has to be able to one shot the ax wielder and Robin while surviving a couple volleys from the mages. If she can not, then try leveling her further (if possible), ensuring she has the Ruby Sword, giving her an A slot Passive skill like Death Blow or Triangle Adept, or by having other allies have buffing C slot passive skills, like the Goad Fliers that Palla herself has or Olivia’s Hone Attack 3.   
  3. Catria & Shanna aka the Cleanup Crew – After Palla has done her job, these two will need to help finish off the remaining units.

Disclaimer: When I used this team, they were all around level 30 to taking on the level 25 version of this map. If this team does not work for the level 35 version of this map I am sorry. I will attempt to grind Palla to level 40 to test it myself and report back, but I wanted to be able to get this guide out in a timely manner.

A non-horseback team requires different movements because they lack that coveted 3 movement range. This flier centric team comp makes up for this by being able to move onto the center water tile.

This team can also be recreated by using F2P units. Palla, Catria, and Est (who could potentially sub for Shanna) are all currently available via the Pegasus Sisters line of Quests. To get Palla you merely need to defeat a few enemies. Using Palla to defeat 5 enemies will give you Catria. Using Catria to defeat 5 enemies will give you Est. Super easy! While I use 4 Star units in this team, I am not entirely sure any of them need to be 4 stars, although it does help.

This strategy does have some wiggle room since you really only need one of the blue fliers. However, it really does rely on your units being lethal. It is essential that Palla one shot the ax wielder and Robin. If she can’t, then leveling, ensuring she has the Ruby Sword or giving her a skill to increase her damage — such as Death Blow or Triangle Adept — would help her defeat these foes.


Horse Strategy

Charge of the Light Brigade

The first turn will merely be jostling units so that they are all ready to make their moves on the consecutive turns.

Now you will move Ursula up toward the top to take out the ax wielder. I know it seems odd, but she is fast and hits hella hard with the boost from Gunter. This will leave her neutral against the attacking blue mage and at advantage against the attacking red mage. Move Cecilia into the choke point that Ursula previously occupied.

During the enemy turn, Ursula will kill the red mage and nearly kill the blue mage. The lance wielder will be across the water tile, and Robin will be approaching from the south.

Now move Gunter forward to attack and weaken Robin. This will weaken her enough that Cecilia should be able to finish her off. Now dance for Cecilia and have her kill the lance wielder across the water tile. Ursula will finish off the blue mage securing the victory for you!

Pegasus Strategy

By Air, By Land, By Sea? By Air over the Sea!

Much like the previous strategy, you will need to spend your first turn moving units around to prepare for the next turns.

On your second turn, you want to move Palla out one space ahead of the choke point, then have her danced upon. Moving her up to the top and attacking the ax wielder should result in a one hit KO thanks to her high strength and Ruby Sword. Move Shanna and Catria behind your dancer. (Order did not matter for me here, but it might matter for you.)

On the enemy turn, they will nearly take out Palla. Regardless, she still needs to take out Robin, so move her over the water and attack. Move your dancer down to the tile below the Palla to dance on her. Then have Palla move to the corner left of your dancer. Move your other two fliers forward, having one of them kill the red mage.

For this team I was using Olivia, which meant that the blue mage attacked her (almost killing her in the process); however, using a blue dancer might cause the enemies to act differently. The lance wielder moved forward and attacked Shanna, but she made easy work of him.

On your last turn, you merely move forward with one of the blue fliers and finish off the blue mage.

You should now have your very own Female Robin at your command.

If you have any tips or suggestions as to how to improve my strategy, or if you have some strategies of your own you’d like to share, maybe you even want some help with making your own strategy, just leave a comment.

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